On The Move

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Leoni's POV
I glanced down at the dusty floor of the truck and at my slender tanned legs. As my mind continued very gradually to clear I had a sudden flash of memory about myself. I heard a kind woman's voice talking to me and reassuring me as I cried about wanting to be taller. In that moment I was 12 years old and although could outrun every other wolf my age (and many older) in the pack, I was by far and a way the smallest in stature.

Returning to the present with a jolt I knew I was still capable of great athleticism compared to other she-wolves - and I somehow still knew this even though I couldn't seem to remember much else about my past or circumstances. Aside from the sound of the kind woman's voice. I hugged my knees tightly as the men at the door of the truck started to uncuff the first of the girls.

"Noooo! Please! Please don't take me, let me go home!" the first girl shrieked in fear and protest as she was forcibly dragged from the truck. Even once she was out of my eyeline I could hear her struggling and a hard slap being delivered to her followed by a high pitched cry.

Lifting my head from my knees I looked to Charity and our eyes met momentarily, "Try to be strong Leoni girl, somehow you and I will survive this."
"Whatever This is..." I murmured in response.

My wolf Storm moved in my head and spoke for the first time since I had come around "Leoni, we have been weakened by some kind of concoction but we are getting a little stronger. We will find a way out of this, I know it."
I nodded quietly to her in response.

The next girl now was being uncuffed and looked white as a sheet. I wondered if she was about to pass out - this would be fairly unusual for werewolves when not physically injured or pregnant but at times of great distress or shock it was known to occasionally happen. She wavered on her legs as the rough man who had spoken to us led her out of the truck with a distasteful smirk on his face. The girl let out a whimper and stumbled getting out of the truck - this was met with a harsh yank on her arm and swearing from the man leading her.

A different man came into the truck next to uncuff Charity. He pulled her up by her long red hair and licked her face aggressively whilst drinking in her scent. She locked her jaw and closed her eyes. I looked up into his face and saw a horrible scar running from his bloodshot eye to his chin. His disgusting lips were turned up in a malicious grin as he watched Charity's reaction to him.

"This little red vixen doesn't like my tongue on her, eh?" He breathed into her face "Maybe I'll have to show her what my tongue could do licking her little bitchy cunt...maybe I'll need to teach her some Manners..."

"FRANZ, stop FUCKING AROUND with the merchandise. You know the Boss likes them nice and Fresh for the auctions..." the voice of the first man boomed into the truck.

Franz looked less than amused by the interruption but quietly sniffed Charity's neck as she shuddered in his grasp before pulling her down the step and out of view. I heard her give a yelp a second later and then my attention was fully drawn to the hideous man now approaching me with a loathsome smug expression on his yellowing face.

He came down to my level on the floor while I diverted my eyes in fear. I couldn't look at him and I found myself shaking under his gaze. He gave off a powerful aura which in my confused state made me feel extremely uneasy. He lifted his hand and slowly ran it through a section of my long blonde hair that had fallen from the braid - he then leaned in to sniff me. It was very much a werewolf mannerism but at the same time it was normally reserved for mates and was quite an intimate gesture. I knew intuitively in that moment that I had never had another werewolf touch me intimately. This sudden awareness made me feel vulnerable.

Storm was growling at the man in my head but I made sure to not let the growl surface as it would surely not help the situation.

Suddenly I was pulled violently by my ankles so that I was lying flat on the dirty floor of the truck with the chemise I was wearing pulled up to my waist. The man lowered his head to the top of my thighs and intrusively sniffed again. I squirmed trying to get away from him but he held me down at my hips. Somehow I felt weak and dizzy as I tried to move to push him off.

He lifted himself off me and looked up with a filthy toothy grin "We have ourselves a little gem here... a pretty little virgin ripe for getting fucked... we'll get a good price for you... I dare say you'll be leaking blood from that pretty little cunt by the end of the night..." he muttered staring at me straight in the eyes. I felt intimidated and confused as I only had a partial idea of what he was talking about.

I tried to pull myself away but was still cuffed. He grabbed the outside of my thighs and pulled me roughly towards his crotch. I noticed a bulge there now that wasn't there before and I felt a fog in my brain as I tried to work out what was going on.

"Such innocent little lips and such a fuckable little body... my my... and those big blue eyes...so young, I wonder are you even of age... I would love to be the one to make you bleed as I ram you full... both ends... maybe get a few friends along to play with you... our little blonde fuck bitch..." he licked his disgusting lips and ran a finger down my inner thigh making me squirm and feel like I might vomit "But... that's not how the Boss likes things done and as I said, you will earn us a pretty little fortune tonight I wager..."

I realised when I heard the click of the handcuffs being released that I had closed my eyes. I opened them as I felt myself being yanked onto my feet by the vile man. I felt woozy and Storm wasn't herself either. I tried to reach out to her but she was distant in the back of my mind.
Whatever we had been dosed with was strong and not out in any way out of our system yet. It occurred to me that my captors probably had it that way by design to make it less likely that the she-wolves like me could put up a fight.

"WALK you stupid bitch... it would be a shame to have to FLOG that pretty little back of yours before the buyers see you... WALK!!"

I shook myself and seemed to gain a bit more awareness of my surroundings as I moved my legs one after the other following the yellow skinned werewolf out of the truck. Storm bristled in my mind.

"He doesn't know who we are. None of them know who we are" She suddenly stated.

"Storm, even I don't know who I am - Goddess! Can you help me remember who I am and where we are from? How did we get here?" I mentally questioned her in a frenzy.

"No it is best you don't remember yet. It will keep you safer Leoni. Your memories are all here and you will regain them before long I expect." Storm replied calmly. I immediately had a flash of memory that she has always been a mysterious wolf. And that I loved her dearly.

In the werewolf world you gain your wolf around age 14 and I now had a sudden memory re-emerging of my first shift after I gained Storm - we shifted into a beautiful white wolf. Since then she had been my closest friend, as it should be. The other half of my soul. My strength when I needed her. And I felt like I would surely need her this night.

Returning to the present with a slam I looked around to see myself and the other three girls I had arrived with, were now chained by the ankles on small stools in a plushly decorated room. On the walls around us were lavish looking oil paintings depicting girls in various positions with their breasts on show and a large table was in the centre with red wine and several glasses.

Each of us had a mirror in front of us and a thick cloud of pheromones hung in the air. I might not know much but I could still sense the threat from many male unmated wolves nearby.

The red velvet curtain beside me abruptly opened and an older she-wolf with dark lipstick adorning her lips stepped through. I knew immediately that she was extremely dangerous.

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