Girl Awakened

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Leoni's POV
A loud bang woke me and I was suddenly aware of being in a vehicle. Disorientated, I opened my eyes and just then the vehicle jolted, as if it was going over a pothole in the road. I was in some kind of truck. I groaned, reaching my hand to my head which was thumping painfully. It was unusual for a werewolf to get a headache and I knew I must be injured. To my horror I felt cuffs on each wrist and as I squinted I could make out a chain attached to them... I fought with my blurred vision and was just about able to follow it - the chain fed through a solid steel loop high above me on the wall of the truck. I felt weak, disorientated, confused and sore all over.

I was briefly thankful that the cuffs weren't made of silver as that if that were the case I would be screaming in agony as the metal seared into my skin. Right now, however, whoever my captor was had no need of silver as I was in no state to walk... let alone put up any kind of fight. I pressed my fingertips to my neck, there was a point there that was throbbing. I foggily wondered if I had been injected with some kind of chemical. My body jolted painfully as the vehicle sped over another hole in the road.

I shook my head in an attempt to somehow clear it and assess my surroundings. The truck veered violently to the right and I groaned again as my body hit the cold, hard side of the vehicle. I wasn't alone here - there were 3 other girls with me. All of us were scantily clad it seemed - I looked down at my body and noted the skimpy silk chemise I was wearing with only some kind of small knickers underneath... no bra. I shuddered.

My long golden hair in a messy long braid over my left shoulder and looked rather untamed with large sections of my waist length locks having escaped. Shaking my head again, I seemed to not be able to remember much about anything at that moment but I knew my name at least. I also had the distinct impression that this outfit was not one of my choosing.

Even my wolf Storm seemed confused about where we were and what was going on. She whimpered in the back of my head. I knew that Storm was an exceptional Wolf, in more ways than one, and I imagined that she had drained her own energy trying to clear me of whatever poison was still having its effects.

Looking now at the other girls, who sat in silence either looking at the ground or weeping, I formed the idea that we were all headed somewhere and it wasn't a happy destination. Deciding to speak to the nearest of my travel companions I said softly,

"Uh, d-do you know where we are going and who has put these chains on us?"

The girl lifted her head - she looked young. Young enough to still be a Senior in school. Fear rose in me for both her and for myself but I tried my best to keep it from showing on my face as she responded.

"You've been unconscious, they carried you in. They capture rogue she-wolves and steal away unmated girls from packs... they s-said someone had Paid them... to bring you to their B-boss..."she sniffed, speaking in a very quiet tone.

"What do you mean... Who paid them? And why? Why would they take girls? What are they planning on doing with us?" I had a rising sense of unease about this situation and it seemed to grow with every minute that passed as my foggy head cleared.

"They... are going to... sell us. To the highest bidder..." she whispered - clearly terrified.

My head was clearing a little more though I was as weak as a pup in every other sense still... "Selling us as w-what? As pack slaves? To clean and cook? That's against the law- the Wolf Council wouldn't allow it!"

"If you are lucky... the men were joking together earlier... they said they had special plans for us... I'm scared. They lifted me from my pack and have had me locked up and drugged in some dark place for days now... I just want to go home."

"Try to stay strong... maybe we have got the wrong idea here and it isn't as bad as it seems..."

The girl looked at my with doleful eyes that had all but given up hope.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

"Charity... I'm from the Haze Moon Pack in the West..."

"Hi Charity... I'm sorry to meet you under such... h-horrendous circumstances... I'm Leoni... I'm having difficulty remembering anything else about myself right now to be honest... maybe I got a bang on the head..."

Just then the truck seemed to slow and the wheels came to a halt. There were doors slamming at the front of the vehicle and heavy footsteps moving towards the doors to the back. The four of us stared at the large metal doors with a sense of trepidation... and all too soon they opened and a large werewolf with an imposing aura and a nasty grin on his face looked in at us.

"Well ladies... we have arrived... I hope you are ready to dance as the men are waiting for you and a whiff of your little pussies..."

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