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A/N I want to tell you a story. An unamed person who I had gone to school with over 10 years ago died. She was your typical california girl, modeled for some of the clothes you probably wore. She had it all, on the outside. But she dealed with her Parent's divorce, drugs, alcohol. She bullied me, but I found her. Eventually I hear about her after 10 years. She was in an artificially induced coma and taken off life support. She was 16. I neve realised how much it's affect me. I use to pray for go away(I'm not even that religious), to not bother me. And now she's gone.

Death has a profound effect on us, think about a person who was maybe in your class for a year or two. You may have known that person for a month or a year maybe more. But they touched your lives. As soon as they entered, they were apart of your story. I've been writing this story with seemingly no experience about drugs or suicide, but the truth is we all have our problems. I may not cut myself, but I certainly feel out of control sometimes and I wish I could sleep and not have to wake up..  to deal with my troubles.

I'm hoping that this story will become something good, something that'll make all these weekend writing sessions worth it.

I'll be updating every 6-10 days and maybe more now that I'm on break.

If you need to talk to someone you can message me. It's important to not bottle up your feelings, even if you can't talk to your parents or someonelse. there's me, I don't know you guys... but I'll listen.

And I think this story wil probably be a lot longer. Like 30 chapters?

If anyone wants to make a book cover for me you can message me for further details. Thanks!

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