Keira: Chapter 20

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'What have you done to your lovely black hair Keira?' My auntie asked twisting a strand of my honey coloured hair.

'I think it looks good, fancied a change.'

'Did you take up drinking too?' I raised my eyebrow.

'I don't drink.'

'Well last night before I called Ricardo you were completely out of your head, wouldn't take your medication or anything-'

'I told you, it's making me sick. If I don't take it I'll be better off, trust me Auntie.' I said and she looked at me with her eyes filled with despair. I smiled at her, why did everyone think something was wrong with me? I was perfectly fine.

'I have work but I don't think I should leave you here.'

'I'll be fine.' I said, I was getting sick of her worrying about me. I looked normal didn't I? She sighed and the doorbell went, I got up and ran downstairs to answer the door. I was surprised to see Ricardo standing there, he had college.

'Aren't you supposed to be at college.'

'I've been excluded.' He said and my face dropped, he came in and I closed the door behind him. I noticed he had a slightly dark circle around his eye.

'Why did you get excluded Ricardo?' I asked.

'Myles is in hospital. I told you, I wouldn't let him get away with that.' He said and my mouth dropped slightly.

'What have you done!'

'The whole fucking school knows he slept with you, he bragged about it and am I a dickhead? You're ill and he-'

'I'M NOT ILL! I'M FINE!' I shouted and it went silent. He looked around awkwardly and my auntie came downstairs, she smiled warmly at Ricardo and then looked at me.

'I really have to get to work Keira, maybe you should go with Ricardo to take some of that stuff you bought back?'

'No, I want all of it.' She sighed and muttered something under her breath before handing me a box of my pills, she put her coat on and picked up her bag and walked out of the house. I went up to my room and Ricardo followed behind me, I closed the door behind us and walked up to him, he avoided looking into my eyes the whole time and I leaned in to kiss him but he moved and held my shoulders.

'Keira, don't.'

'But we're alone and we haven't in months.' He shrugged and my face dropped.

'I repulse you don't I?' He looked at me weirdly and I went and sat down on my bed.

'I knew you didn't like my hair, why don't you want to even kiss me?'

'I just feel like I'm taking advantage of you, you aren't well-'

'I'm fi-'

'Don't lie to yourself Keira, you need help and I'm afraid that if we get you proffessional help they'll take you away from me for a very long time. You just need to relax, take your pills and it will help.'


'It's supposed to calm you down!'


'THAT'S BECAUSE YOU AREN'T TAKING THEM KEIRA!' He shouted back and I looked at him slowly shaking my head. I didn't know what he was talking about, why wouldn't he listen to me I was being honest, those pills were making me go crazy. If I didn't take them I was better off at least that way I couldn't become addicted to them again.

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