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The night was cold and rainy as I ran, ran hard and fast. So fast that my feet almost kept tripping over them selves. As I ran my vision was blurry from my tears that filled my eyes and some of the rain that fell from the night sky.

As I was running a voice from behind me called my name "Nicole!" followed by small laughter. It repeated and repeated. The voice was getting louder which meant that person was getting closer. Either they got faster or I was slowing down.

I made the biggest mistake of the whole night and that was looking behind my shoulder, because just then I tripped over a big rock that lay in the middle of the sidewalk. When I feel I scraped the palms of my hands and ripping my jeans at the knee.

Behind me I heard the stomping of feet, getting louder and louder and faster as I was getting up. When I was up I started to run, but not fast enough. I was knocked back to the ground and everything went black.

"Nicole! Get up your having that dream again!" My roommate and best friend - Justine - called.

"What? How do you know it was that dream?" I asked, my voice still coarse from just waking up.

"You started crying in your sleep." she said in a monotone.

I lay back down and nod off into a deep sleep, only finding myself having the same dream. This time the dream didn't let me wake up...

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