The Ugly

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Jungkook arrives back home furious and unhinged. He storms through the walkway, to the living room, to the kitchen, to the dining area and freezes.

"Breathe." He says to himself as his hands slightly pull at his own hair,
"Breathe Jungkookie it's fine. You'll find her, you will." He says as he begins to walk through the home more calmly this time.

He goes into the basement and begins a long stride.

Somehow his mind can't stop being stuck on you.

He turns a corner and mumbles to himself, "If—If she wouldn't have tried to hurt ma all those years ago then—then this would be different." He turns another corner

"I mean... we're doing this to protect her—"

"You're doing this out of fear Jungkook."

"Shut up." He mutters before stopping his stride and rubbing his hands on his face, "Shut up. Go away." He pushes

"No. You took over my body and now you want me to leave?! It doesn't make sense Jungkook... Where's the proof of what she did? She was only 12 years old! Do you think a child can do what we saw?!"

"I said shut up!!!!" He screams before begins shaking his head 'no violently'

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! STOP THIS LEAVE ME ALONE!" He yells as his crouches to the ground

"No! Mama has lied to us! Wake up and see the truth! Feel it! I want you to feel it, now!" His mind screams


He looks up through teary eyes.

He blubbers, "mama?" He softly whines

"Come to mama." She says with her arms open as she crouched beside him.

He quickly scrambled to be held by his mother.

She wraps her arms around him and he lays his head upon her bosom.

"Are the voices bothering you?" She wondered softly

He only nodded.

"Do you want the weaker side to be gone forever?"

He only nods again.

"Your brothers have been very bad. Bring them to me and it will all go away Kookie." She purrs

"Promise?" He squeaks out

"I promise my baby boy. I promise." She grins darkly unbeknownst to Jungkook.


"Get away from me!" You yell

"Ara you need to come over here!" Yells Seena

"Screw off! You want her to do her voodoo so much then you sit under her prickly fingers but I'm not!" You argue

"Child! It will just make it so that your scent can't be followed."

"Screw off!" You yell to Detective Walker

"Little girl—"

"Hey! I don't even know you! Just cause you're Walkers brother doesn't mean shit to me!" You yell at the male who you've understood is married to Ella.


"Felix get away from me! You're not using any of that mumbo jumbo on me!" You screech

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