Chapter 16

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"Sanctuary": A place where Children are protected and even trained to fight back against whoever plans to take them. Lead by someone they titled, "Enchantress. " However, this is mirrored to CSOP's class 4-A.


"You will most likely participate in a game that happens every 9am... it is randomized, and the mechanics differ everyday. You've witnessed the Counter Strike game with the paintballs when you first came in. There are other games that we can play and win."

Ryūji is now in a learning hall with 20 or so other students. Val was briefing students on what they should expect in this Sanctuary. Ryūji, caring about literally nothing at all, didn't listen and was distracted by this own desk.

"I want you to hold me for the rest of my life..." But he didn't get to, didn't he? The intrusive thoughts of Lei Jei breaks him again, and he closes his eyes to don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry...

I will avenge Li Jei and return to my family.

"For now, everything is about briefing you and getting used to our situation here. You all will participate in the games next week," Val says with a smile that charms everyone.

Someone raised their hand to speak up, "But hasn't Seraphine, or at least any team with him on it, always win?"

"Nobody ever lost against him, so it's a bit unfair to the team that doesn't have him."

"Ahh," Val has a look on her face that indicates either pride or embarrassment for her brother. "Well, his team have earned it because of skill and wit. If you can reach to their level, it's possible to beat him."

An hours of being lost in Ryūji's depressive thoughts, Val finally says goodbye to the students. "Oh, you'll have Seraphine next! You'll learn all about combat and weapons, so please listen carefully, alright?"

Ryūji didn't notice her exit. The room was quiet for a moment. Too quiet, that he remains in his zoned out bubble. But, he among everyone else did look up when the door burst open and angry yells came from a struggling Seraphine.

Students watch in confusion and shock when Doctor shoved Seraphine inside the room with his hands tied with a rope, the young man falling on the floor. "Do your job, Sera~good luck!"

"I'll fúcking kill you!" Seraphine shoves his feet through his connected arms so the tied up wrists are now in front of him. Then, he grabs a vase and throws it against Doctor, who immediately closes the door and locks it.

"One hour, get to teaching!" Doctor laughs in victory. Meanwhile Ryúji's interest piques thinking, So he finally got caught.

Seraphine goes to the door and attempts to kick it down, ignoring the eyes of many scared students and one very amused Prince. Seraphine finally looks at the crowd and glares at them showing his distaste in being here. He goes to the broken vase and using a shard that he puts in his mouth, he frees himself of the rope.

"I am not a teacher," he firmly states, crossing his arms and ignoring his audience. He goes to the big window beside the teachers' table, but it is also locked as well. "Urgh! I can stand here all day and they'll stay stupid, Doctor. I'm not doing shít."

When suddenly, the intercom dings and in came the voice of Doctor who went to the monitoring room. This classroom has a camera to watch the class. "Ah-ahh, that means you can't participate in the Games and you automatically take an L. Haha, I see this as a blessing, finally someone else will win instead of just you."

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