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About a year later

"Thank you sir, I promise I won't let you down" I said excitedly.
"Well miss Samuels you show great passion for photography and I truly believe you'll be great for this job. You start in a month, have a wonderful break before you start work" said my new boss. I had wanted this job for a long time now and finally I got it, photography for National Geographic and I get to write about all the historical places I go to all around the world.

I walked out of the tall building and out into the fresh night air of Amsterdam. Amsterdam came alive at night, little lights bobbing in the distance pressed against the night sky. The beautiful buildings with the white rimmed windows and brick exterior, the little coffee shops that buzzed with night life. The bridges that crossed over the river were sparked with lights at the edges, reflecting their light onto the calm water, illuminating the water with an orangy yellow glow.
I had come to Amsterdam to take various courses on photography and then finally I got the job that I wanted today, life was great except one thing was missing. . . I hadn't dated or had any kind of boyfriend since him.

I walked down the street and eventually came across my small flat door. I opened it and now it was time to climb up the four flights of stairs, it might not sound so bad but trust me it was terrible when you came home from a long day and there in front of you stood the mountain of stairs. And so I started the journey up the winding staircase, passing a few people on the way, only one of them, stopped and greeted me.
"Good evening Samantha, how are you doing?" Asked a voice that came from above me, I looked up to the top of the stairs to see Adam, my neighbor, smiling down at me. Adam had brown hair and brown eyes, let me just tell you that he was awesome. When ever I was down or need help settling in, Adam would be the only one who would notice and actually give a damn. He's my best friend in Amsterdam so far.
"I'm actually great, except the fact that I have to climb up these bloody stairs, and how are you?" I walked up the rest and now was walked at the same pace with Adam.
"I'm doing well thanks, did you get the job?" He asked
"No I didn't" I said putting on my best sad face.
"Oh well who needs them right? They are really dumb not to take you I'm just saying because I've seen your pictures and they are amazing, I'll help you find another one if you want?" He asked looking like he didn't know how to respond
"Adam I can't believe you fell for that" I said smirking. At first he looked confused and then he realized what I just said.
"Don't do that to me Sam, but anyway I'm so proud of you" he said giving me a hug. I truly am happy I met Adam because he feels like an older brother to me, and no he doesn't like me and I don't like him so calm your nerves. He has a girlfriend anyway.

We reached our flats and departed.
"See you tomorrow Ad" I said smiling.
"Yeah, see you tomorrow Sam" he said beaming before he disappeared behind his flat door. I stared at the green door in front of me, with the peephole and the brass doorknob. I put my key into the keyhole and turned it clock wise twice, the door opened and I was welcomed to my cosy home. It was small but it is perfect for me, simple and homely. I put my key down on the cabinet right in front of my door and escaped to my room for a much deserved sleep.

I woke up and got dressed for my job that I would keep just for this month, I needed a job to keep up with the rent and since I only start proper work in a month I have to have a small job if that makes sense. Once I was dressed and ready to go I walked down the horrid stairs and made my way to the music store where I would be a cashier for a month. I was wearing white converse with light blue ripped skinny jeans and a white vest with a black tank top over it showing a picture of pizza on the front. I keep walking until I reached the music store. I opened the door to soft music in the background, I looked around to see millions and I mean millions of CDs and iPods and speakers and other music devices. The walls were covered with the coolest wallpaper of bands and other famous artists like Imagine Dragons (my favorite band, by the way), the Script, the Weekend, Lorde, Ed Sheeran (so awesome) and more amazingly talented singers and songwriters. I walked further into the shop and after a few moments I realized there was someone behind the counter. I went over to them to introduce myself.

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