sarah and the deal

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Sarah arrived home in a shock, her mum was deadly ill. The only way to make her better was if she went into the old witch of the norths garden and stole a magical carrot. So seen as though her mother was the only woman left in her family she would do anything to save her. Off she story, down the long walkway, past the trees, through the forbidden forest and past the bridge, she had arrived.

The house was an old brambley cottage with carrots growing all around. "So all I have to do is pinch carrot" she whispered to herself. She opened the rickety gate and slowly walked up the path until she came across the juiciest carrot. She picked it up and skipped out of the gate ,but the she couldn't get out, it was like there was a barrier that was invisible.

"So, you think you can steal my carrots and get away with it do you" cackeld the big nosed party witch.

"No ma'am, I just want to help my mother she's deeply sick and might die if she doesn't have this carrot" Sarah cried.

"Well, perhaps we can do a deal," suggested the witch.


"You will turn into a butterfly every night from now and learn the way of being one and then you can have your carrot" she said.

"Fine"sarah announced.

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