Chapter 1, Days Before UA

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"Maki!!! Don't play too hard now! She's your friend! Same for you Fox!!" Maki's mom called out.

"Don't worry mom!! We won't get hurt THAT badly!!" Maki smiled, but didnt give a glance to her mom

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"Don't worry mom!! We won't get hurt THAT badly!!" Maki smiled, but didnt give a glance to her mom. She focused on Fox. She saw that Fox was slightly distracted and went for the hit, she expected Fox to block or dodge.

"Yeah! Theres no need to worry!" Fox looked over at Makis mom and gave her a thumbs up.....then got a knuckle sandwich to the face. Kiva almost immediately noticed, dropped her baseball bat, and rushed over. She saw Fox passed out with a bloody nose.

"Maki!! I told you to be careful!" Makis mom rushed over. She picked up Fox, "she's out cold..... ugh nothing we can prevent now. Tell Fox you're sorry as soon as she wakes up." Makis mom demanded and carried Fox into the house.

Maki and Kiva followed. Makis mom set Fox down on the couch. She wiped up the blood. She pinched her nose and sighed, "you two take care of her. I'm going to make some dinner." She turned around, looked back at the kids for a second, then went to cook.

Kiva rolled up two small wads of toilet paper and put them in Fox's nose.

"Kiva how about you give me a bloody nose so Fox doesn't have one? It was MY fault." Mika put her hand on her chest and looked at Fox. She was worried, you could read her like a book.

"It isn't that bad. I'm sure she'll be fine. She's the strongest out of us anyway. Even if you did give her a bloody nose" Kiva smiled. It was so obvious that Kiva believed every word she said. Fox had proven time and time again that she was strong, whether that be fighting off bullies or helping hurt animals.

Maybe deep down she didn't want someone to have no one. She knew the feeling of loosing something important, she could relate. Maki had a good life with her mom, never truly knowing the terrors of the world and Kiva had her friends, even when her Papa wasn't home.

"Heh, if she saw it coming she could've dodged. " Maki snapped Kiva back into reality.

"Yeah! Of course she would've, but then you'd be the one needing help" Kiva giggled and looked at Fox. She looked peaceful.

About 30 minutes or so later Fox woke up. They played hide and seek, pirates heros until dinner. They knew they only had a little bit longer until they had to stop acting like kids. Their summer was almost up, UA was right around the corner.

"Hey, can I have 2 extra plates. I wanna bring my parents something to eat tonight." Fox asked Makis mom. Makis mom just nodded.

"Of course sweetheart. Tell them I said hello" Makis mom pulled out 2 extra plates and set them on the counter. She ruffled Fox's hair and smiled sweetly. It reminded Fox of her own mom.

"Thank you! I should go back and play some video games. " Fox smiled. Even when she was talking about her parents she was still happy. Or at least that's what she showed.

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