His eyes opened wide, as he forced himself up. His eyes were full of concern, “Shit Ty, are you okay?”

            I faked a smile, “Yeah, perfect.”

            He opened his arms, signaling my to embrace him. I leaned my head towards his chest, and he covered me with his warm arms. I nuzzled my head into his chest, as I could feel my stomach flip, and my face burn. I started to question why I was feeling this way. I knew I would never like him like that, because I’ve tried that before, and it almost ruined our friendship. Maybe I used him as a rebound, maybe I didn’t. I didn’t want to know what I was feeling for this boy, for though I was scared. All I want him to be is a friend—a best friend—and he is, but why was I so scared of being pulled into his embrace, and being with him like this? Why is my heart racing, and why am I smiling?

            My thoughts were broken off when I noticed the steady heart beats that was coming from the person I was leaning on. I looked up at him, and he was asleep. I smiled, and nuzzled my face back into his chest. I’ve never really had friends like Troye Sivan—friends who I could lean on and be flirtatious with—and it was fun. It was comforting, and nice. It would bring me so much happiness with him just around and my heart would noticeably flutter when he would come close to me, or when he smiled. None of my other friends would make me feel that happy, just by being there. Maybe it was because I’ve never felt so comfortable around someone. I love my friends with my entire butt, but this love for Troye was different. I didn’t know how it was different, but it was. I eventually fell into a deep slumber, and my thoughts disappeared into the night.

*Time skip to a week later*

            Troye and I went inside the coffee shop, and picked a seat. We ordered our orders, and waited in the coffee shop with the adults while waiting for the rest to finish playing in the arcade. Troye and I finished playing when our credit ran out, so we went inside the coffee shop instead. Once we got our drinks, we sat on the chairs. I noticed his sudden worry and fear in his eyes, as he looked up. It was Korey.

            Shit, no.

            Seeing him infuriated me. As I was about to stand up, I felt a handgrip on my wrist. I looked back, only to see Troye open his mouth, “It’s okay, all he did was wink at me.”

            I gave him a confused expression, “That’s not what I was upset ab-“ the sudden realization that Troye didn’t know what Korey looked like, and he was just genuinely scared. My mind was reminded that Korey had winked at Troye— my Troye.

            Wait, what?

            I shook off that last statement, and looked at Troye, who was looking at my, with eyes full of concern. His hand was still on my wrist. I gave him a warm smile, and sat back down. I glanced at Korey, who was ordering his drink at the register. He glanced at me and bit his lip, which disgusted me. He had that smirk on his face, and I gave him a disgusted face, and looked back at Troye, only to see that Troye was also looking at his direction, with his terrified expression back on his face. I looked at Korey, and realized that he wasn’t looking at me, but at Troye. My disgusted grew bigger on my face, as I was hit with a jealous pang. Why was he being so flirty with Troye? He’s basically giving him eye sex. Troye snapped his head at me, and stood up.

            “W-where are you going?” I asked.

            He shook his head; “I just need to go to the toilet for a minute. I’ll be right back.”

            I nodded, and he shuffled through the crowded shop. I saw Korey eyeing him, and then eyeing me. He grabbed his drink, and walked towards me, “I didn’t expect you to have a new boyfriend so soon, Ty.”

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