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Chapter 6

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*Tyler’s POV*

            I couldn’t think and I didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew was I wanted to kiss him. I was about to, but that was until Troye spoke up and brought me back to reality. The sudden realization of our friendship being broken because of one kiss instantly hit me.


            I froze. What was I doing? We literally just talked about not ruining friendships, and I was going to kiss him again. No, Ty, you can’t do that. I don’t even like him like that. It wouldn’t be fair.

            “Hm?” I broke our gaze, “Never mind, it’s not important,” I gave him a fake smile, trying my best not to make it awkward. I noticed his face as it relaxed, and he nodded. I looked away from him, only to see that everyone was watching us—and by everyone, the Mellets and my mom—and they were grinning. I chuckled and Troye questioned me, and looked to the family’s direction. His jaw hung agape, and his face was colored with red, and he called them out, “Were you guys watching???”

            They all looked away and acted like we weren’t there, causing my to laugh even more, as he whined in embarrassment. He eventually started to giggle too, “Sorry, they’re weird.”

            “Hey! My mom was looking too,” I said.

We burst into a fit of laughter, and everyone joined in. Not too long after, the fireworks went off. They were literally the prettiest things ever. I glanced at Troye, making me change my mind. He was the most beautiful thing there. The light of the fireworks shined on his face, making him look 100x prettier. He looked at them with amazement in his eyes. He smiled and grinned at the fireworks. He turned to me, and smiled, “It’s so fucking cool!!!”

            I smiled back, “I know right!”

            He took out his phone and filmed the filmed the fireworks. When the fireworks ended, everyone dispersed and we went home. Everyone in the taxi fell asleep. I didn’t know how it happened, but my head ended up settling comfortably on Troye’s shoulder. I glanced at him, only to find him sleeping adorably, making myself smile. I eventually fell into a light slumber too.


            I woke up to the sound of car doors opening, feeling tired, and my legs were sore from all the walking. I opened my eyes, and looked around me, only to see that Troye was still sleeping. Everyone was walking out of the car, as I nudged his shoulder with my finger to wake him up. He jolted up, and looked at me.

            “We’re here.”

            He groaned and shut his eyes again. He sighed and without looking, opened the car door and walked out of the car. I scooted myself up and walked out of the car too, thanking the taxi driver before he left. I went inside the house, and saw that Troye was lazily walking up the stairs. I smirked, and followed him. He was out of my sight when I started walking up the stairs. When I made my way to my room, I found him lying on my bed, face down. I grinned, and dropped myself on my bed, making Troye’s head jolt up. When he saw that it was I, he nuzzled his head back on the duvet of the bed. Before I could say anything to make him move his lazy and adorable ass, I felt a buzz in my pocket, and fished out my phone. I grinned at the name that showed up, shoving the phone away, not bothering to open the text.

            Troye raised an eyebrow at me, “Who?”

            I groaned, “Korey.”

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