Chapter 2

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We pulled up to the apartment and Jay knocked on the door.

A lightskin nigga opened it and licked his lips while he raked his eyes up and down our bodies.

"Shawties looking fine as hell" he said and I rolled my eyes.

He probably one of them fuckboys.

"Sean she's my bestie don't play with her" Jay said and I gave an approving smile.

Sean moved out the way so we could enter the place and I peeped his hand on Jaylin's ass. They walked off into the living room and left me to shut the door.

"So you said you had a friend staying here" Jay asked and Sean nodded his head.

"Yeah he my roommate. VON!!!" he shouted.

It took a while for the nigga to come and I heavily sighed and rolled my eyes when I saw who it was.

"Yo" he called out but his eyes were on me.

"We got some guests. I need you to entertain the brownskin bitch over there." Sean nodded his head in my direction.

"Did you just call me a bitch" I mugged him and got ready to tie my hair back.

"Hey don't be disrespecting my bestie like that" Jay mugged him too and shoved his chest.

"Aii my bad, female" he corrected himself.

"We can take this outside if you wanna fight" I suggested.

Sean laughed and sat down on the arm of the couch with Jay leaning on him.

"What yo little short ass gonna do shawty."

I might be 5'2 but I know how to fight.

I made a move to punch him in the jaw but a hand grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me back. "Easy there" Geovoni said and I ripped his hands off me.

"Don't touch me"

"Aii, but you need to chill" Geovani warned me.

"Chill for what? You need to keep yo roommate in check" I scoffed.

"I'm leaving" I said done with Sean's ass.

I ain't gonna let a nigga disrespect me

I looked Jaylin's way to see her sucking on Sean's bottom lip. I rolled my eyes disgusted at the sight and walked over to the front door.

Jay can find her own way home

"HEY WAIT UP" a voice called out and I turned around to see Geovoni approaching me before I exited the apartment.

"What do you want?" I mugged him and kissed my teeth.

"Tbh Sean said two girls was coming over and I never expected you."

I opened my purse and took out my wallet. I handed him the thousand dollars he left at my door earlier on today.

"Nah the money is for you" Geovoni shook his head refusing to take the money.

"I already made up my mind. I'm gonna fix my car over the weekend with my own money."

"Then get yo nails and toes done or sumn or buy whatever y'all females call bundles."

"Nah I'm good"

"White toes preferably" he smirked. "Those look hella sexy on females"

"Don't you got a girlfriend." I looked up at him.

"What does that gotta do with us. It's not like we fucking" he said.

He was right

"Fine but only if you come. Maybe I'll get you to fix that lineup. It's looking a bit rough" I grimaced.

"Wooow you gonna do me like that" he shook his head.

"Awwww, did I hurt you feelings" I cooed with amusement on my face.

"Nah, it's aii"


We were back on the road after we got our toes, nails, and hair done. It was around 8pm and it was getting dark so I decided I might as well head back to the apartment.

"I don't want to give you the wrong impression, I need love an affection
And I hope I'm not sounding two desperate—"

"Aye turn that shit down" Geovoni said and answered his ringing phone.

"If you find a problem with my music then leave but fine" I turned the music down.

I could hear screaming and shouting coming from his phone. I'm guessing it was his girlfriend judging by the voice.

"Damn nigga" I laughed.

"Calm down Kayla I'm with nobody" Geovoni heavily sighed and brushed a hand over his face.

"I ain't cheating on y—hello" Geovoni took the phone from his ears and looked at the screen.

"She hanged up on me" he scoffed.

"Toxic relationship I'm guessing" I glanced at him.

"Mind yo mother f*cking business" he snapped.

Well he's not in the mood

"Damn nigga chillout" I mugged him.

I turned up back the music and started singing again. Candlelight by Zhavia was playing.

"You sound like a horse on crack" Geovoni burst out laughing. I took one of my hands off the wheel and shoved his shoulder.

"Shut the f*ck up"

"Nah but seriously, put on some lil baby or polo g." he said.

"You mean that gorilla looking ass nigga." I snickered.

"I'm not gonna cap he actually does. Manz ugly as hell." Geovoni snickered as well.

"Why dont you take the aux" I suggested and he plugged in his phone.

He put on Freestyle by Lil Baby.

We ended up vibing to the music for the rest of the time until we got to the apartment.


After I got home I took a shower and decided I would re watch Star on the tv in the living room. It's a good show but I hate that it got cancelled.

The front door suddenly opened and Jaylin appeared in the doorway. Her ginger wig was hanging on for dear life and one of her eyelashes  were crooked.

"Well you sure had a good time" I chucked as Jay shut the front door behind her. She was limping and could barely even walk.

"Girl I'm sore" she muttered and dropped down on the couch beside me.

"Here you can have some of my ice cream to make yourself feel better" I stretched my hand out with the tub and spoon it but I dragged my hand back before she took it.

"Sike" I stook my tongue out and she flicked me off.

"That Sean nigga pisses me off" I said stabbing the ice cream with my spoon.

"Yeah but at least he's good in bed" Jay smirked and stood up off the couch. I chucked the pillow off the couch at her head and she yelled.

"So much for having my back" I said and licked the ice cream off the spoon.

"Bitch" she muttered under her breath.

"Rude ass hoe" I repsonded back.

" I'm gonna take a bath here. The bathrooms at the dorms are shit." Jay rolled her eyes and I nodded my head.

"Knock yourself out. "


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