Chapter 41: Somebody To You

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Authors Note:

So yeah... There will be a new character.. But I will reveal that Mystery Person.... Soon... Very soon!!!

Since this chapter is all about SKY and SHINE'S birthday so they're the ones who will have the POV.

I miss the twin haven't done any POV of them lately...


Shine's POV:

OMG! I can't believe it!! I'm already 20... I'm older than my mate.... Got that right.. But only for five months.

Me and Crypton were born on March Xander and Danielle were both on August but on the different day. Xander was on 14 while Danielle was on 27

Yeah!! But I don't care if I'm older than him!. It's just five months and Xander is more mature than me...

Wait... Speaking of Xander! Where is he? I moment I woke up he was not beside me? Where could he be?

I groan in frustration not to see my mat beside but I shove it off! More time in bath for I guess!

After my very long bath.... I was surprise to find a beautiful simple but casual blue dress on my bed with a note attach to it.

Happy Birthday Autumn,

             You're the best sister I ever had. Hope you like your dress..

                             Your partner in crime

Aww!!!!! Crypton is so sweet.... He really know that I love dresses... I quickly wore my new dress and I pair with some silver flats shoes and head downstairs.

As a head down to my surprise there was no surprise party. I mean no decorations, no everything.

I went straight to and I saw everyone except for Crypton, Xander, Darylle and Ranz, probably in the office.

" Morning Shine!" The girls greeted me while Trevor, Kyle, Jaden, Brandon, Mark,  Helius, Eddie and Ash gave me a wave.

I smiled back at them and sat beside Brier.

" What are you doing? " I asked 

" Uh! Eating I guess!" Danielle said with an eyebrow up.

They couldn't seriously forgot all about it!!! I mean.. I'm there friend!

The guys excuse themselves and all that's left us girls.

" So what's up!" Xaria asked me

What's up? Hell It's my birthday...

" Fine! Are you guys forgetting something?" I asked

They looked at me shocked.. Yes! Finally they remember.

" OMG! I'm so sorry Shine.. I forgot to tell you that Knight and I were going out! " Danielle said

Well thank you--- wait what?

But before I could say anything Danielle and Xaria stood up.

" Darylle asked me out as well! Come on Danielle!" Xaria told Danielle and Danielle nodded.

" See you later!" and they left!

Well that leaves me with Brier who is currently looking at me

" I suppose Ranz asked you out as well?" I asked

" No!" she chuckled and I sigh.

I can't believe they forgot my birthday. Brier told me that she would get her phone and I nodded.

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