Ay what up I'm CieAnna or CieCie doesn't matter what you call me I'm 18 and I knew YN since 5th grade and we've been best friends since. I go to Millennium high and I have a boyfriend who loves me dearly his name Jake everyone loves him but the probably with him and a few people is that they don't like that he's white ,yes I'm one of those BWWM couples and I love it we've been together for four years now and he treats mr like a queen, better than all my other boyfriends who were total asses who only cared for themselves but I'm glad I found Jake. But now I'm at school looking for Yn when I saw her with her little sister Katrina, that girl is like the baby sister I never had I'm an only child so the attention is very easy for my parents, but I also want someone who I can call my baby sis and Katrina was there to let me become her second sister and appreciated that but anyway any was about to go take Tri to class when I caught up with them and walked with them we talked and laughed until Tti was to class then it was just me and Yn.

Ci: so what's up with you and Christopher?
Yn:nothing and don't his government name like that the Feds could be peepin man
Ci:girl whatever but it seems like something's going on between you two
Yn:well there's not we're on the friend terms
Ci:well good luck with that cause Jessica just texted me that she heard that Chris just broke up with Lexie for being a hoe and that he's planning on asking you out
Yn:seriously 😱😏
Ci:yea and speaking of Chris here he comes now, good luck boo
Yn:alright I'll need
Ci: girl bye 😃 I'll see you fourth period
Yn:alright Ci 😘

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