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Trust exercises.

You hated doing them, but since you were a counselor at a summer camp, you had to do it.

Every single summer that you worked at this camp, you were stuck with the same guy as your trust exercise partner.

You and him tried the dating thing and it didn't seem to work out.

"Can't I have a different partner?" you ask.

You purposely asked this in front of him.

He rolls his eyes as the head counselor says, "(y/n), Louis has been your trust exercise partner for three years."

"And I think there's time for a change."

The head counselor pulls you aside. "Whatever happened between you and him...you need to forget about it. I don't care if he forgot Valentine's Day or if he didn't do something amazing for you on Groundhog's Day." You raise your eyebrows at him. The head counselor scoffs. "You know what I mean, (y/n)! Leave what's in the past, in the past. Focus on now and the future. Do you understand me?" You don't nod or say anything. He grabs your shoulders and asks again, "Do you understand me?" You nod this time. "Good. Now get your bum out there and show our campers the trust exercise."

He pushes you in Louis' direction. You practically fell into his arms.

"Whoa there, (y/n). I'm sure one of the rules was no PDA," Louis laughs.

You scoff and push yourself away from Louis. "Let's get this stupid exercise over with," you growl as you practically drag Louis to the new campers.

"Hello, campers. I'm Louis and I am one of your counselors. This is (y/n); another one of your counselors," Louis had pointed to you and you acknowledged the campers with a small wave, "We are going to start off the day with some trust exercises. So everyone find a partner and I'll tell you what to do next."

You watch as the campers found their partners.

"Okay, now (y/n) and I are going to demonstrate the first exercise: The trust fall."

You roll your eyes. This meant you had to fall into his arms again.

The campers stare at you as Louis says, "C'mon (y/n). We have to show our campers how to do this."

You don't move a step towards or away from Louis; you just stood still.

"Just a moment, campers. I'm going to have a little chat with (y/n)."

Louis grabs your elbow and brings you away from the campers. He brought you behind some trees and lightly pushes your shoulder.

"What's the big deal, (y/n)? Why do you want a new partner so bad? What did I do that's making you hate me so much?"

"I can't trust you," you whisper.

"Yes you can, love."

"Don't do that, Louis."

"Do what?"

"Call me that. Don't call me that."

"Call you what, love?"

"You did it again! Louis! Just stop!"

"What's wrong, (y/n)?"

You knew this was going to happen if you weren't able to switch partners. "I still love you, Louis...but I can't trust you anymore. I don't want to."

Louis grabs your face as he gently places his lips on yours. "I'm sorry...for everything, (y/n). I was stupid and I shouldn't have let you slip away. But you can trust me." His eyes made you feel like you couldn't look away. That's one of the things about Louis that made you fall for him.

"You can trust me," Louis says again. You lean your head on his shoulder and then sigh.

"I can't Louis," you softly say.

"Yes you can. I believe you can...you just don't want to." You look at him again; he was right. You didn't want to trust him, but you knew you should.

"Louis...promise not to let me get hurt again." He nods his head.

"I promise."

You two walk back to the campers where you and Louis show the campers the trust fall exercise.

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