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Ok so if you put in your name to be a new character in the sequel... HERE ARE THE RESULTS!!! I'm sorry if you didn't get put in becasue I just didn't want to add in to many characters to the story. I will write down the character descriptions so you can get to know the character quicker :)

Angela (Alex) Jay MIller - @BarnsFalls

Age- 15 1/2

red/ brown hair, bule/ green icy eyes, and tall and skinny.

nice, shy, always nervous, has to follow rules.


Boyfriend - Steve.

Kaylee - @kayleerose4341

Age- 16 going on 17

deep brown curly hair with natural blonde streaks, hazel/ green eyes.

can be badass but is really nice

Leah - @da1babygirl

brown/ green eyes, average height, long brown hair.

funny, always there for friends, pretty tuff for a girl.

Two-Bit's sister

Isabella - @imsexyandiknowit99

Age- 16

blonde hair, green eyes, skinny, very cute, tan.

sweet, funny, strong, cool, quiet, and is really likeable.


Boyfriend - Johnny

Marissa - @thelightbehindureyes

Age- 17

long wavy brown hair with red and gold natural highlights in it, big brown eyes, athletic body, full lips, nice smile, small nose, natural glow, no makeup, not slutty, wears reasonable clothes.

nice, sweet, protective, laughs a lot, loud, gets high on life, sticks up for what is right.

Boyfriend - Dallas


So there you have it, I'm sorry if you weren't put in, if you ever do want to be in any of my books just ask :)

It's so weird this being the last chapter to It was Always You, it's going to be strange not uplodaing it and instead upoloading the sequel, which I've decided would be called Toubles and Struggles, you'll figure out why it's called that during the book :)

OH VELL, I guess it's time to finish writing now :(


- Georgia-Rose

p.s. Thank you for reading :) :D

p.p.s. the sequel is in the external link.

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