marcus abbott - surprise.

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imagine: you show up to your boyfriend, marcus' baseball game as a surprise

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imagine: you show up to your boyfriend, marcus' baseball game as a surprise.


i rush onto the bleachers and sit down beside regan and lee. "what have i missed?" i sign to regan. "there's only one inning left. why'd it take you so long to get here?" she signs back. "my family had to load all of their suitcases into the car for their trip, which took a while. they headed to the airport right after they dropped me off." i sign to her, and she nods.

"well, just to warn you, marcus has been kinda out of it today, so he's not playing too well." she signs in response. "i think he misses you." she adds. "i'll go talk to him." i sign, getting up from the bleachers and going to stand over by evelyn.

"y/n, you made it!" she says, hugging me gently. "i couldn't miss it. although- i did miss the first eight innings." i chuckle, and she smiles. "don't worry about it. marcus is almost up to bat, he's right over there." she says, as i turn to see marcus standing beside beau outside of the batting cage. beau starts waving at me, causing marcus to turn around so that he can see who beau's waving at.

"y/n!" he says excitedly, dropping his bat on the grass. he runs up to me and wraps his arms around my waist, lifting me off of the ground. "i thought you were going to hawaii with your family." he says, putting me down. "i told them i'd rather stay. i couldn't miss your last baseball game of the season." i smile, and he does too.

"well, i'm glad you're here, but i've been playing pretty badly." he says, frowning a bit. "your too much in your head. just take deep breaths," i pick up his hand. "and relax." i add, kissing his cheek. "okay. again, i'm super glad you're here." he kisses my hand and rushes back over to the batting cage.

i walk back to the bleachers and sit next to regan. "how'd it go?" she signs to me. "well." i sign with a smile, and she smiles back. marcus is up to bat. he misses the first ball, and he turns and looks back at us. "just breathe." evelyn signs to him, as he nods and turns back around. the next is a strike. strike one.

the next pitch. marcus looks prepared, but lowers his bat and looks up at the sky.

then everything happened, you know the rest (that is, if you've seen the second film).

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