Part 2 to Dream+George X Reader

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hey its actually my bday (july 29th) as im writing this. Happy birthday to me :)
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I rolled over in my bed, zoning out and staring at the alarm clock that read; 5:17 PM. I realized I had taken a afternoon nap, and internally thanked myself for getting up at a decent time, enough time to prepare for tonight.

I had invited George over, and we were finally gonna hang out again now that George was visiting Florida. I hid my face in my hands, remembering George's last visit. Luckily, I had prepared for anything. I grabbed the card game on my nightstand, examining it. It was a drinking game, to be more specific, a "x-rated" one.

I felt strong arms grab my side and flip me around, I gasped slightly in surprise, I thought that Dream was still sleeping. He buried his face in the crook of my neck, groaning. "Hey stupid, we have to get up and prepare", I giggled.

"I wanna sleep more mmm", he mumbled and pulled me closer in a tight sleeping position. I wiggled, making him tense his arms, "Nooo stay", he whined. I was starting to get desperate to get out of bed, having anxiety of events like these. I knew how to make him weak, so i took advantage of the position and started forming hickeys on his neck, and as soon as i felt him relax I leaped out of the bed.

"Hey.. No fair", he muttered sleepily. I looked back at him and the couple newly formed hickeys, smirking proudly and beginning to get dressed into more casual and appropriate clothes. I grabbed the card game and hid it in the pocket of my hoodie, it was gonna be a surprise for both George and Dream.

The hangout was gonna be very casual, so I wore a grey hoodie with some black shorts with two stripes going down the side and Dream just wore a big dark green shirt with sweatpants. I hustled down to the kitchen, where I cleaned up some things left out and wiped the counters and swept. I looked up to see Dream making his way down the stairs slowly while rubbing his eyes.

I stood straight and put a hand on my hip, looking at him up and down. "Try to look awake, will ya?" Dream grumbled something in annoyance and went to the bathroom, probably to look more presentable.

I grabbed some chips and drinks, dumping them into bowls and cups. Dream came out from the bathroom, looking more decent.. And very cute. Obviously.

Dream grabbed my hips and pulled me into a kiss, and I tasted the fresh toothpaste. "Thank God, no morning breath," I joked and he wrinkled his nose cutely.

I got everything ready in the kitchen, then went into the living room to set up the card game. I felt a presence behind me, and looked up to see Dream curiously examining what I was doing. "What is...", he pointed at the table with the cards set up on it, "this?"

I giggled and hurried to stand up, putting my hands on his chest and lightly pushing him back, making him walk backwards. "Nothing!"

I heard the doorbell ring, and my eyes lit up. I was nervous about the meet, and I couldn't escape the thoughts in the back of my head of the last time George came over.

I saw Dream wave his hand in front of my face, and I blinked. I panicked for a moment realizing I had zoned out and quickly went to the door in my black socks that went up my ankle a bit.

I hesitated, taking a breath before swinging the door open. "Hey, George!"

He smiled and held up a WalMart bag, and I looked down at it then back at him, confused. I grabbed it and looked inside, seeing a bunch of me and Dream's favorite snacks. My face lit up and I smiled and brought him into a hug, "Thank you!"

I felt his breathing in my ear, making butterflies in my stomach as I pulled out of the hug. "Heh, um, a-anyways... Welcome back to our house!"

"Thank you," he narrowed his eyes at me, smirking before walking past me and into the kitchen, eyes going to the snacks set out.

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