A New Greeting

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Felix turned eighteen three months ago and decided that Grindr sounded fun. After about three years following the r/lolgrindr page on Reddit, he thought that there could be some funny things that happen and so far he's mostly come across jerks and people that only send dick pics. Nothing surprised him. When notifications would pop up it would usually be the generic hey or hi but then the conversation only went to the person asking for pics. Felix has messaged people first and tried to have a normal conversation with people but it never works. They either ghost him or just want pics. 

Felix's profile has pictures of him standing beside his horse with his mask on making a heart shape with his fingers, him walking away from the person taking the picture in a forest and there's one of him mid-air during a jump into a pool. 

Felix's phone dinged and he saw that it was a message from Grindr. 
"Got another message?" His best friend, Camille asked. 
"Yeah," Felix sighed, expecting a boring message. Felix smiled as he unlocked his phone and read what the person said. 
"It's a man named Marcus, he's twenty-seven, a father of two young kids and he said 'hey baby won't you look my way, I can be your new addiction'," Felix readout. He loves that song. 
"Oh? What are you going to reply with?" Cam asked, not taking her eyes off of the tv screen. They're watching Jaws for the millionth time. 
"Umm, the next lyric?" Felix asked. 
"No," Cam said and took a gummy bear out of their bowl of treats. 
"Okay? Um," Felix said and thought of a reply. 

Felix: That greeting is definitely my favourite! 
Marcus: I'm glad you like it! I'm recently out and new to this app and thought I'd liven up the greetings. Some people on here are really dry 
Felix: I know right! People usually just want or send pics. How's your day going so far? 
Marcus: Ugh I know. And I don't get why people get so mad about wanting to see their faces. Especially when you're trying to meet up with them. Like huney I want to know who I'm looking for lmao and it started off a little rough but it's a lot better now. How's yours? 
Felix: Right! And I know that this app isn't like EHarmony or whatever but people should at least get to know each other a little bit before meeting up. My day's going well. I'm watching Jaws with my bff at the moment. Want to talk about your day? Or is that too personal for a first conversation? lol 
Marcus: People should definitely get to know each other a little bit before having nameless sex. I'm glad that it's going well, am I interrupting your movie? And it's okay, just some minor stuff that's been resolved. 
Felix: I feel like knowing the person's name, knowing if they're clean or on meds for an std and some basic things about their personality would add to each person's safety and hopefully prevent another Jeffrey Dahmer situation. No, you're not interrupting; we've seen it 98235683299124335 times lmao 
Marcus: oh 100% and wow, that's a lot lmao 
Felix: She's really into horror and Jaws and The Meg are the only horror movies I can handle lol 
Marcus: aww, but at least you try :) do you like sharks?
Felix: I do! I was thinking about being a shark researcher for a while but then I watched Jaws and The Meg and that went o u t  t h e  w i n d ow real fast. Do you? 
Marcus: Ahaha and I do. They're pretty cool creatures although, I do admit, I don't know much about them
Felix: Well if you're interested I've got a fancy little slideshow that goes through the shark species that I could send you. I think I was 11 when I made it but still lol 
Marcus: I think that I'd learn better by going over it in person, if you don't mind? 
Felix: You know what? That would be great! As long as you're not planning on feeding me to a shark or sending me to my maker lmao
Marcus: Great! And hell no. One, I'd throw up if I thought about it too much and you seem too sweet to die young
Felix: I'm glad that you won't kill me and aww thank you!

Felix and Marcus set up a time and place to meet. They chose to start at a park on a Saturday so then they could have their peace but not be completely alone because that made Felix feel better. He's heard some crazy stories about all the different ways a hookup could go wrong and it worries him whenever he goes out with someone. Marcus completely understands and wants to do the best he can to make Felix feel comfortable and safe with him. Marcus would never hurt anyone and the father of two doesn't understand how someone could harm another person who's just trying to live their life. He understands the logic of it but doesn't understand how someone could actually do it. 

Felix started planning what he was going to wear that day, even though they weren't going to meet up until almost a week later. Felix was super excited about it. 

A/N: Short I'm aware but there will be a part two that'll be longer, I just kind of wanted to write something fluffy. 

Have a good day :)

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