Chapter 14

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It was the school concert night! We were super excited. Things had gotten better between me and Ken like better. Ken told me to go to his house every time I could because he didn't want to stay home alone with Katy. I was actually pleased with his request. And Katy's girl was called Elliot. She was very cute. Big eyes, and red lips. She's a month old now.

The concert was gonna start in the next two hours and Pizza Dreams was gonna be the opening act. We were at the backstage practically doing nothing. Katy was with Elliot. Ken and I sat with each other, talking about random things. James and Donna were nowhere to be seen but I could imagine what they were probably doing. Ben was not in the band, so he hadn't come. He would be the audience. I was also not gonna take part in their performance but I was the drummer's girl friend. Good enough reason to be early, right?

Now its only 10 minutes before Pizza's Dream opening performance. I went to my seat in the front row, it's suitable, isnt it? for your hot boyfriend's concert. I found Ben next to my seat. "Hey" i said as i sat down in the seat beside him. "Hmhmp" he said, his mouth full of foods. I giggled at the side of his balloon-like mouth. He gave me a glare and trying to chew the foods. Loud music were being played. KEN. I stood up and danced to the music. Katy sang something about getting together and relationship. Ken hit the drums with his drumsticks, his hair bounced as he rocked back and forth, and he was staring at me. I felt amazing. I was the kind of girl that has songs dedicated to. I wonder what my childhood enemies, the one that said i was a freak a monster, thought if they saw me like this. I waved and jumped and danced. I felt crazy, but a good kind of crazy. I never knew i could dance. Ken grinned when he saw my moves. I never knew i could dance, until i was with Ken Hembrick.

I know this is a short chapter, because i wanted to keep organize about the a chapter a day. I cant update much on Saturday because i have classes the whole day. But hope you like this, gave drama scene a rest lol


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