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Natalie was back in San Francisco for all the wrong reasons. First of all she had asked her mother to flight out to Seattle to stay with Amber. She needed someone with her, since she hadn't explained what was going on. She couldn't possibly tell her that she might move away from her. So she asked Cara to be with her, at least until she could figure out what to do. Amber had to finish her school year in piece. She deserved that at least. 

"They don't have a case Natalie. He is the cheater husband who barely had any contact with his child. I just need your word and we will win this." Her lawyer told her. 

Natalie took a breath and she ran her finger through her head. She had never felt more alone. She wasn't sure how long she could keep on fighting with no one by her side. "They have a case. The second time I found that he was cheating on me. I took my stuff, I took Amber and we left. I just took his daughter and I ran. I am a working mom. I leave my daughter in the house alone too many hours. And I know he is going to use that one time I forgot to pick her up from school when she was 8 because I was in surgery. So I don't know what to do."

"If you fight him and win, you will decide when he will be able to see her."

"But I fight this and I lose, I will see her twice a year. So my question to you is this..." Natalie hated every bone in her body for even thinking about this. "If I let him have this. No court, no fighting. No traumatising my daughter for life. How many times will I be able to see her?"

That wasn't an option for Natalie. It wasn't even close to what she wanted. But how do you tell your teenager daughter that her parents are going to fight over her custody? 

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The next day Natalie was back in Seattle. Back to work. She needed few hours to not think. So work was the right place for her. No one other than the chief and Derek knew what was happening. And well Mark, but not because she told him.

Natalie was fixing her hair, pulling it back into a small bun, as she was walking towards the E.R where she was paged to go. Burke, Mark, Derek, Callie and Bailey were already in the ER. "Good morning." Natalie greeted them, not even bothering to look like she meant it. They could all have a crappy morning for all she cared. When things were rough in her life, she usually turned into a whole different person. She was too hostile, bossy, quick-tempered, and generally not pleasant to be around.

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