*You are at home chilling when you get a phone call from Zayn*
*On the phone*
You: Hello?
Zayn: Hey babe, I’m picking you up in 20 minutes so get changed and be ready, I’ve got a surprise for you! And it’s romantic *excitedly*
*Zayn hangs up the phone*
*You look confused but you do as Zayn says and get changed. You get dressed into a lovely floral dress and apply natural but sophisticated looking make-up*
*10 minutes later*
*The door bell rings and you go and open the door, Zayn is standing there looking very handsome in a black suit*
Zayn: Wow! You look amazayn 
You: Why thank you, you look very very handsome
Zayn: *smiles* Come on let’s go 
*You and Zayn get in the car and he drives you to a forest*
You: Erm, why are we here? 
Zayn: You’ll see just follow me
* You both get out the car and Zayn starts walking, you stand still not sure whether to go or not*
Zayn: Come on, it will be fine
*Zayn holds your hand and takes you in the forest. Moments later you walk into a beautiful part of the forest, there are blossoms everywhere, lovely green grass it looks fantastic, you look at Zayn in awe*
You: Wow this place is wonderful! *smiles*
Zayn: I know it’s fantastic
*As you carry on walking a bit more, you can see a blanket on the grass with a picnic basket on it and champagne *
You: I can’t believe you did this for me
Zayn: I would do anything for you
*You both sit down and Zayn opens the picnic basket, taking out chocolate covered strawberries, sandwiches etc*
You: Thank you so much babe!
*You hug Zayn and kiss him passionately. As you eat the food and drink the champagne, Zayn looks into your eyes lovingly*
Zayn: I have to tell you something
You: Oh OK what is it babe?
Zayn: I love you so much! You mean the world to me and I couldn’t live without you
You: *shocked* I love you too babe
*You kiss him on the lips, then Zayn get’s on one knee and gets a little box out of his pocket*
You: OMG 
Zayn: (Y/N) I love you so much! Will you marry me?
*You burst into happy tears and hug him really tight*
You: Of course I will marry you! OMG!
Zayn: *smiles*
*You jump on Zayn and you both fall down on the grass laughing and rolling around in the grass*
Zayn: You mean the world to me
You: You mean the world to me too
*Zayn kisses you on the forehead and puts his arm around you and you both lay there on the grass looking at the blue sky as Zayn softly sings What Makes You Beautiful*

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