Hoshimi's Pov:

I was in the basement of the BuddyAgents and i was about to go to the Computer room so when i went inside the Computer room it was very quiet silent in this room so i start to use the Computer and i use my USB dive so i can read what they planning to do this whole world so i start to read the note and suddenly i was surprise and gasp . They planning after the Challenges of the Gaen Cup . They will give the DarkCore DeckCase to all the kids , this......... Is not going to happen i was starting to remove the USB and i turn off the computer .

And i start to say is " This is not Happening " I look down and i start to rumble my hand like a sift . And i clam down myself and i start to leave the Computer room .

I start to walk and suddenly " Hoshimi ! Wait up ! " and i look back and i saw Barrage running and i stop and turn my head and if he catch me he was exhausted . " Hoshimi Our Commander Agent II ask me for your mission tomorrow " he said and he remove swat " What is my mission tomorrow ? " I question to him and he start to reply " Your mission is to find Kiri " he said and suddenly i realize that named he was Gao's friend the one in the party boat of the ABC cup last month.

Hoshimi: Kiri

Barrage: Yep , he is got hurt so Gao ask Takihara and Stella to take care Gao's friend , and suddenly he left without a clue and permission

Hoshimi: I see and why Kiri ?

Barrage: bc he is a member of the Disaster Force

Hoshimi: Kiri ? Did he has a buddy ?

Barrage: We'll yeah his buddy was form Legend World , and his buddy is look like a dragon to me but ...... I don't know his named 😅

Hoshimi: Let me guess Ice Blade , Joker ?

Barrage: Oh yeah that is named i thought it was a joker like bat-man and thanks

Hoshimi: No need to thank me it is my old personality

Barrage: Yeah and u remind me about Tasuku Ryuenji if u said that when i don't know what monster

Hoshimi: yeah 😔

Barrage: Something wrong

Hoshimi: nothing is just..... Nevermind and thanks for telling me

Barrage: Your welcome

So i leave Barrage and i was start to use my buddyskill and i was wearing my normal clothes and i still wearing my black jacket with a line of golden so i flew , and i start to touch the sky it felt i feel the wind and i start to wonder about Tasuku he was my old childhood friend i start to be strong and look forward so tomorrow is i'm ready for this day come . All then the sudden i saw a bird with a sharp claw and it is right this way and i deck the bird and suddenly my buddyskill is gone and i fallen down and Buster is trying to save me .

I try to use my buddyskill but i realizes my core deck case is broken with a claw mark on my deck case maybe the bird wants to get prey or something and i try to get my deck case and suddenly i did and i almost fallen to the ground and i start to close my eyes and suddenly i not feel like pain or something so i start to open my eyes and it was a strange black knight with a cape on it and he has a helmet on it with a cover on his face .

???: Are u ok miss ?

Hoshimi: I'm fine Sir and thanks

* And they both land safety *

Hoshimi: Thanks alot Sir

???: Just call me Purgatory Knight

Hoshimi: Ok Purgatory Knight * thinks: Purgatory Knight , that sounds familiar to me i heard about this that Purgatory Knight was also a knight dragon who is form Darkness Dragon World and it was not a real world *

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