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Me and my best friend are walking in the mall today.

It was her birthday that's why I treated her.

We're wearing a same pair of clothes. Even our shoes are the same. She's just a little bit taller than me. I'm the one who she asked to come with her because  she don't have a boyfriend.

"Kyla, I'll just go to the restroom." She said. I just nod and sitted on the chair near me.

I was about to get my phone inside my bag when I've noticed that Kyla's phone is also on me so I decided to get only hers.

I nagged into her gallery and look at random pictures. Suddenly, there's someone who covered my eyes. I only thought that it's Genie but when i feel and hold the hand, I've noticed that it's bigger than Genie's hand.

I was about to removed the hand when the owner of it that is on my back spoke. "Don't removed it yet, I might only get shy when you saw me."

Sh-t! A baritone voice, not just baritone because I know who owns this voice! It's Lean's. The one that I've been admiring since first year of high school!

I felt like all of my blood came into my face. Maybe I am just dreaming. I convinced to myself but sh-t!, Is this real?!

No words came into my mouth. I couldn't speak even a single word and I felt nervous this time.

"Y-You don't have to say anything. Just please, listen to me." He said and heave a sigh.

"I've been wanting to tell you this." He started.

"They keep on teasing me I might be a gay because I'm a coward. That I can't even tell you about what I am feeling. I used to go to your classroom since we are just in the same building." He said. My jaw dropped on what he said.

"Can someone please punch me now!" I said in my head, out of excitement. But, this is really a dream come true!

"I also do always put love letters on your desk every morning, I just don't know if you noticed all of it because I didn't got any response from you. I do even remember. 'Secret Admirer is the name that I'm using so that you wouldn't know that it came from me. Cause I know that it sounds gay that I'm giving love letters HAHA." He said. But can't remember any love letters on my desk back then.

"On our second year. I got a chance to talk to you but
I haven't had a chance to get your cellphone number cause I think you're on a hurry that time."

Wait... I can't remember that I'm in a hurry when I talked to him. He's the one who's in a hurry that time.

"When we're in third year high school, I planned to court you but my nervousness comes first. Also, it seems like you have plenty of suitors and that made me ashamed of myself. But now, that I got a chance again, I will not think twice. That's why when you're friend left you earlier, immediately walk towards you to confess my feelings for you." He said and heave a deep sigh again.

"Happy Birthday anyways." Huh? It was yesterday.

He removed his hand on my eyes slowly.

"Don't turn your head on me yet." He said, that's why I didnt turn to him. I even covered my face with my both hands to hide my cheeks that became red already because of flutter.

I felt that there's a cold thing that touches my neck. When I take a look, i saw necklace. He put necklace on my neck. "My birthday gift for you." He said.

I looked at the necklace that he gave. It's just a simple silver necklace who has a moon and star pendant.

I smiled at the thought that the one I like is also interested on me.

"Can i court you genie?"









I froze at what I've heard.

Immediately, I turned at him and it also evident in his eyes that he's shocked because I'm not the one that he's expecting to see.

"K-Kyla?" He said shockingly. for me. It turned out that all those words are for my best friend. All that I've heard, it's just a mistake because he thought I'm Genie.

"Where is Genie?" He asked and looked at my necklace he wear on me. I removed the necklace quickly.

"She's the on who go to the restroom." I answered. I even smile at him and gave back the necklace.

"But I saw you holding her phone, so I thought you're Genie. He said,embarrassed.

I immediately stood up. Didn't let him know that i was hurt.

"Oh". I gave him Genie's phone. "Just wait a bit for her, she'll be here for a minute maybe." I added. "Just please wait for her. I have to go now."

"Are you okay?" He asked with full of sincerity in his eyes. "Of course I'm okay. HAHAHA! Hey wait. Do you think... No! Do you think I really assumed that you like me? Of course not. HAHA!" I even laughed so he won't notice that I'm not really okay, that I really thought that his confession was for me.

He sighed. "That's good. HAHA! Okay, thank you. Take care, goodbye." He said.

I waved my hand to say goodbye and I even smiled at him. Then after that, I slowly turn my back on him and started walking away from him.

I immediately wiped my tears that are starting to come out. Agad kong pinunasan ang mga ito at nagpatuloy sa paglalakad.

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