Today was the day to put Hades' plan through. I was already prepared. I couldn't believe that Hades was having me not only go after Hercules, but Zeus as well. Hercules I could handle, but Zeus I wasn't so sure. So I decided to trust Hades judgment that Zeus would hesitate, and if he did then it would be no problem.

"Hey guys I missed you," I said when I walked into the underdrome talking to the hydra and Cerberus, they both came and greeted me kindly."You guys ready to cause a bit of trouble." they nodded. "But first let's go get our Titan friends ok?" they nodded once more. "Wait out in the lobby while go get them." then they both turned and left to wait for me.

I then went to go get the titans, they were pumped and ready for action. "You guys ready to use Thebes as a playground?" I smiled evilly.

"Freeze!" the icy one said. The tornado one made wind moving sound, they were all too exited.


They stopped.

"Calm it down, it'll be fun yes, but remember this is all to lure out Zeus and Hercules, and tire out Hercules."

I led them into the lobby where the Hydra and Cerberus were waiting, I walked over to Cerberus and he automatically knew, he put his head down on the ground so I could stand on the back of his neck. I summoned Two Across and twirled it around and rested it on the back of my neck while summoning a large amount of heartless that fit this world.

"Alrigh, let's get going guys, Hades!" I knew he was around here somewhere.

"What do you need doll face?" he said while standing at Cerberus's feet.

"After I bring you Hercules you better be at Olympus twenty minutes from then."

"I'll be there waiting for your signal sweet pea....where's the charity case?"

"...He doesn't want to be involved."

"Well..better get don't need to waste time."

I shook my head and then petted Cerberus, "Come on Cerberus." He started to move as the doors to Thebes opened and the rest followed. I commanded the heartless to go out first to start everything off. As we walked passed the coliseum and into the city, the heartless had already started terrorizing. I gestured for the titans to go and start, and they did immediately, this is something they've been waiting for.

"Go ahead and have some fun Cerberus," I told him while patting one of his heads. He carefully lifted and knocked one of the buildings with his paws. Soon Thebes was on fire and ice, and in shambles. "This will only continue until Hercules shows himself! Hercules, where are you?!"

Then I heard some movement to my right, Hercules had hurried through some doors with that goat thing and his pento by his side. But I noticed Hercules hadn't seen me yet. "What's going on? Who this?"

"Well hi there," I said.

"You? But you're just a little girl."

I jumped down from Cerberus and landed to my feet, "I am seventeen thank you."

"it can't be you that's behind this."

"Technically yes and no, but there's someone that us just dying to see you my dear Hercules."

"Stop this, there's no need for this.

I darted at him quickly and struck and he quickly blocked with his sword, "Sure about that?" I pushed him back as I did a backflip.

"you have one of those weapons like Sora." I twirled two across around and smiled. "I don't understand.."

"it's best not to think too hard about it." I charges towards him again giving him lightning strikes. He blocked the first two but by the time I was done I had knocked him on his back. "You look pretty tired Herc, sure you can hold up?"

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