Baby Punishment

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Sero- 6'1

Todoroki 6'0

Bakugou 5'1

Todoroki POV:

Me and Sero have been dating since year 1 it's now year 2 we both share a dorm together, we both want to have a baby but we aren't aloud to adopt and we're both males so it's not like one of us can get pregnant

We both were introduced to age regression by shinsou and jirou, there little is Denki. We hanged out with them and it was adorable and made us want one too

We have are eyes on a certain small angry blonde, he's adorable but he sure has a mouth on him it's kinda funny he is so small and cute but the moment he opens his mouth it sure is shocking on how someone so adorable can be so mean

I talked to mr.aizawa about me and Sero giving him a 'punishment' over break and him coming to live with us over break he fully agreed. We also talked to the rest of the class and they all thought it was a good idea and were super supportive

Bakugou POV:

It's the first day of break, finally. I'm laying on my bed scrolling through TikTok when I get a knock at the door, I groaned

"WHAT!?" I yelled

"Bakugou it's mr.aizawa" I hear my teacher say I rolled my eyes and got up and opened the door

"What do you want and make it quick" I said and crossed my arms

"You're going to move in with todoroki and Sero they will put your nasty attitude in place" he says, my eyes go wide

"What! No!" I yelled stomping my foot

"Stop throwing a tantrum, they are coming to get you in 10 minutes don't bother packing anything they have stuff for you" he says and walks off leaving me confused

I slammed my door and threw myself onto my bed and screamed into my pillow, a couple minutes go by and I get another knock

"Go away!" I yelled it came out muffled cause my face is still buried into my pillow, then the door opens

'Fuck I forgot to lock it' I thought and sat up and saw icy hot and tape dispenser

"Thats not very nice little one" todoroki said I glared at him

"Don't call me that icy hot bastard!" I yelled

"No more cursing I'll let it slide since you don't know the rules yet" Sero said and picked me up like a baby and stared walking with todoroki following

"Hey put me down Spider-Man wannabe!" I yelled hitting his chest he easily grabbed my hands and held them

"No hitting" he said sternly I glared at him all the way to their dorm, todoroki opened the door I was in shock. Their dorm was normal except the fact there was baby stuff everywhere

"Since when did you guys have a fucking kid?" I asked they smirked at each other which made me furrow my eyebrows

"Since today" Todoroki said looking down at me, I sent a confused look then I realized what he meant

"You can't possibly mean me!" I yelled in disbelief

"Yes we do" Sero said and layed me on a changing table

"No no way!" I yell knowing these idiots we're gonna try and change me

"Shhh stop fussing daddy will be quick" Sero said as todoroki began to take my clothes off gently I blushed and covered my private

"We aren't gonna do anything bad I promise" todoroki said and moved my hands to the side and put baby powder on my crotch

"Hey baby why don't you focus on me so this goes faster hm?" Sero said and baby talked to me while todoroki changed me, it did distract me cause the next thing I know todoroki sat me up and I was in a giant power ranger shirt and a Elmo diaper

"W-what the hell!?" I yelled completely embarrassed

"Aww look at our adorable baby sho!" Sero said talking to todoroki like I wasn't here

"How about we watch TV and cuddle Hmm? Does that sound good baby cuddling with your daddies" Sero said picking me up and bouncing me

"N-no no no" I whined tears coming into my eyes I didn't want to be a baby or be treated as one I'm not weak!

"Aww our baby is fussy let me see him and calm him down while you get the movie started and a warm bottle" todoroki said Sero nodded and left

"My precious baby what's got you so worked up?" He asks me

"You're treating me as a baby! I-I'm not a baby and- and I'm not weak" I said crying into his chest he holds me closer

"Of course you're daddies big boy and you're anything but weak" he cooed and rubbed circles into my back tell I calmed down

"Now let's go daddy is waiting for us with your baba" todoroki said with a smile I just layedy head on his chest and nodded knowing I couldn't do anything, we walked to where Sero was and todoroki sat down putting me in seros lap

"Open up little one" Sero cooed putting the bottle to my mouth, I shut my mouth and glared at him

"Come on baby the baba will help you grow and be a strong boy" he cooed I still didn't open, he huffed and then slowly smirked and tickled me I couldn't stop giggling he took the time and put the bottle in my mouth I had nothing else to do but suck on it

"Aw out sweet baby boy" todoroki cooed

"So so strong" he kept praising me my eyes began to feel heavy

"Sleep you'll come to be our perfect little boy soon" I couldn't tell who said it cause my mind just drifted off

Next day

I woke up in a crib, I tried climbing out but the railing was too high!

"Tape face! Icyhot!" I yelled and got no answer I waited 15 minutes and no one came

"S-sero, todoroki!!!!" I yelled a littl louder wanting out but I still got nothing, I began freaking out tears overflowing

"Daddy!!! Papa!!!!" I yelled crying the two came barging in worried

"Oh baby we're so so sorry" they both kept apologizing to me and hugging me

"Please forgive us" todoroki said taking me in his arms

"Fine.... Just don't leave me again..."

"We promise"

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