Anouther Betrayl Story

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Stop wallowing in your own sorrows its not my fault your like this

When your baby you never asked to be born. You prefer to go hid somewhere then be out in the light

Betrayal tears me apart as I break down

Times and times again being betrayed by your friends all you have left is family

I fly away from the source, but I live with slight remorse, for others trouble immerse

Hardships upon hardships as you blame them on me. I never asked to be born so I could be a burden

Friendship is healed, but the home is shattered

The only ever thing I thought that mattered

You yell and scream at him an me, but the words you say never penetrating me

Times upon times you talk about our problems; Money, living, and other things like them

Why can't you ever see, it's also a burden on me

To listen to those troubles of yours, trying to help is no use

In the end it's all just metal abuse

I hate the way you make me feel, like betrayal from my past

Betrayal broken through my front door and penetrated my own blood

As you drive away I cry, sitting in the steps

I didn't mean the words I said, I didn't mean them

But I did

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