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Wings of an angel which soars above

The man cowered under the towering shadow of the figure above. He suddenly shifted into a wolf and growled, trying to fight back. The figure used a special force, throwing the wolf into the wall. As the male panted, trying to regain breath. The figure held a scythe that appeared to the wolf's throat.

Will wrap your falling kingdoms

The wolf glared at the figure as it removed the hood it was wearing. A tall, black haired man with red eyes snarled at the wolf."I demand for you to tell me where it is!"He bellowed. The wolf chuckled weakly and whimpered as the scythe was pushed with added force.

Blood of the evil shall be spilled to spare the young and the brave

"Your kind will be too late to stop this from happening you silly fool. My mouth is sealed shut."The wolf sneered. The man backed up and his red eyes flashed angrily. He ran his fingers through his black hair in a frustrated manner. His hand shot out, sending the wolf flying once more.

Pure snow shall fall and the sun will shine but it will not melt

As he approached, the wolf spit on his face. The man slowly rose his hand and wiped off the spit. He smirked and shot forward. He seized him by the throat and raised him to the point wear his tail wasn't touching the ground."I shall ask again, you stubborn werewolf. Where is it?"The man snarled."Somewhere you vampires will never find it."The wolf spat.

And the citizens shall rejoice in the death of darkness

"I see. Then you are of no use to me."He said. He let him go, the wolf falling with a thud to the floor. He hesitated in trying to get back up, his legs giving out on him. The wolf tried once more and looked up. His green eyes widened as the scythe came bearing down on him. The man chuckled as he watched the werewolf's blood spill to the floor.

Everlasting happiness shall cloak the land, as the miserable beings of darkness writhe in agony as the light showered them

He took out a bottle with black smoke inside. He whispered into it."He's been killed. It's time to search for the hybrid."He smashed the bottle and the smoke drifted away.

This angel is a hybrid not judged by kind but loved by character

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