Why My Voice Is Important

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Why My Voice Is Important

To me, my voice is not important. It's not important because I'm a teenager. Nobody listens to teenagers. Everybody says it, even Aristotle said it in Ancient Greece, that teenagers are crazy.

People would not normally listen to a person like me. In school I'm shy and don't say much. So I don't think that my voice matters that much in school. When I was younger, I was pretty afraid of the world, still very shy. After being shy stopped, I was really random. I was still shy in school but outside school things got weird in my life. After that little shy part in my life, I deiced that I wanted to shock people. That was the day after I turned thirteen. Or as I called it, the perfect time to shock people. So I did, I darkened my clothes and started listening to all these rock bands. I had a lot of fun with it, and I still do, but it's normal now for me. Yet, I'm still shy in school, I can't tell you why. It's just something that I have to live with. So again, why would someone listen to me? I can't think of a reason.

I have been called manny things in the past few years. Not mean, bad things. More like things like jobs, like an 'architect', or a 'detective', and in the few months 'punk rocker' got out there. The best one, the one that I'll never forget was 'motivational speaker'. I didn't like it than because I would have never talked in front of a group of more than five people. I did think about it though. It would be different for me. I didn't even think I was that motivational at all. When my friend told me that I should be an motivational speaker, I thought she had lost her mind. Than I realized it would actually be a good job for me to have. So many sad, and odd things come at the most unexpected times. Those unexpected times come often of me. A suden death in the family, or your best friend moves away or to a completely different school. So, a motivational speaker, could be for me.

I have realized that anything you say or do has a big affect. Sometimes you don't even have to say anything to have a voice. Just a simple smile and wave to a person as your walk down the street could have a big affect. Sometimes it's the people that don't even try to have a voice in something that end up having the greatest impact. Take Anne Frank for example. She died at a young age but her voice is still being herd today. Everyone knows about her diary, but she didn't live to see it become a huge thing. She was just an average girl, writing in her diary all the time. She wasn't even trying, but yet she made a huge impact.

Even though adults don't listen to me, other teenagers will. Not to long ago my friends and I were at a park, and we noticed that there should be some more garbage cans and maybe some recycling bins there to. There was a lot of trash on the ground. We knew that there was something that we could do about it, and decided that we should write a letter to the people that owned the park. Keep in mind that my friends are just like me. It's kind of hard to believe that we want to make that little difference in the world, but we do love the world that we are in and want to do everything that we can to protect it. The intire, stay away form the punk rockers because they are bad and start fights all the time, is wrong. Thats just a sterotype. Many of us are just love the fasion statements, and music style. Is that so bad? I dont think so. Infact many of us are sweet, and fun, and crazy, and the coolest people to hang out with. That's not so bad either is it?

My point is, there are many people out there, people just like me and just like you, who want there voices herd. Not everyone's voices are herd though. Like mine may not be herd all the time, but just because you can't here me dose not mean that I'm not speaking.

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