Chapter 11

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I swing my backpack over my shoulder, and lug myself down the driveway towards the school bus. When I went to the doctor's yesterday, it turned out I only sprained my ankle, which was okay because in two weeks I should be better and able to ride again! But for now, I had a boot on my foot, and it was pretty heavy. 

The bus arrived and I got in. I sat down in the first row, and started to play on my phone. I scrolled through all my pictures and stopped on one of them. I looked at the picture: me, Mom, and a horse named Charcoal. It was me when I was only 5 years old, and I was on top of Charcoal, and Mom was holding his lead rope. I remember that day, that was a good day. It was my 5th birthday, and I wanted to go on a horsey ride. So Mom put Charcoal's saddle on, and led me around. The memory makes me smile, and I don't know why, it wasn't anything signifigant except for my birthday.

That reminds me about my birthday. My birthday is in May, which is sorta coming up soon. It's the end of March, that means I only have to get through April until May! I've been thinking about what I want for my birthday, and I do have something in mind, but I know Mom will hate it. I really want to keep Cowboy and have him as my own horse. That would be the best present ever! Then I could go to shows, and do 4-H. I know you can still do 4-H without a horse, but it would be more fun if I could do it with my own horse. I asked for Pepper last year for my birthday, but Mom said no. That's definitely how it will be this year. Why should I even bother asking?

The bus arrived at school, and I got out and headed into the building. Man, I really don't like school. How can I be excited about being here, when I know I could be at home with all of the horses?


RRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! Finally! time for lunch! Heather and I met up at our usual table, and she immediately starts talking. "My grandmother got a new horse yesterday for her to use in lessons!" she exclaimed. "Really? Cool. That's funny, Pepper got adopted by somebody named Kristy yesterday. Do you know anything about the horse?" I asked. Oh my goodness, what if Heather's grandmother adopted Pepper?! That would be awesome! Then I could still see him! Please oh please let Pepper have been adopted by Heather's grandmother! "All I know is that he's a dappled gray thoroughbred.....just like Pepper! Oh my gosh! What if Grandma bought Pepper?" Heather exclaimed. "That's just what I was thinking! Ask your mom, and I'll ask mine," I say. "Cool, it's a plan." Heather said. 


I finally got home after school. I walked up the driveway, and dropped my backpack. "Mom?" I called. "In the kitchen!" she replied. I walked into the kitchen, and immediately asked, "Did Heather's grandmother adopt Pepper?" "Rats, who told you?" she asked. "What do you mean, nobody told me. Heather said her grandmother bought a new horse, and she said that all she knew about him was that he was a dappled grey thoroughbred. That's got to be Pepper, right?" I say. "Yes, she did adopt Pepper. I was trying to make it a surprise for your birthday," she said. "Cool, and about my birthday, I've been thinking..." I started. "Let me guess, for your birthday, all you want is one of the horses, and I'm going to say the horse that you want is Cowboy?" she said. "How did you know?" I say sarcastically. "Well, you asked for a horse last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and-" "Okay, I get it. But please! You said that he's been to a ton of other places and here he has been an angel!" I said. "Are you sure about that? Yesterday he bit Art when he tried to give him a carrot," she said. "Well, in Cowboy's defense, none of the horses like Art,"I say. "That is true," Mom says. We both start laughing and then Mom stopped. "Honey, I'm sorry but I can't let you have one of the horses that we have now because then people will think that we're keeping all of the good horses for ourselves, you know, like choosing the biggest piece of cake with the most frosting and letting everybody else have all the smaller pieces? Do you kinda get that?" she said. "I understand," I say. After that, I went outside to check on Cowboy.

"Hey Cowboy," I said. He walked up to the gate when he saw me. "Sorry boy, I don't have a treat for you right now." He snorted. "I'm not going to be able to train you for a little while, I sprained my ankle," I told him. "But don't you worry, Mom and Julie are going to train you. You'll love them, I promise," I assured him. "I've been thinking, and I think you will be a really good jumping and gaming pony. You were able to jump this fence, which is crazy, and you were galloping pretty fast between the trees the other day, and you kept your balance the whole way and you didn't mess up at all," I said. "I'm excited, because I'll be able to train you to be ridden soon. It's going to be so much fun! We'll be able to start in a few weeks. My boot will be off by then, and I'll be good as new!" Cowboy seemed to understand what I was saying, because when I told him that he did a little mini rear and nickered at me. "I can tell you're excited." He nodded his head. I cannot believe how clever this little pony is! "If only I could keep you, we would have lot's of fun, and we could do barn sleepovers with Heather and Cloud, and we could go to shows, and do 4-H! You would be the best pony ever. Besides, I'm small, I would fit you for a while. I've already had my growth spurt, and it wasn't much of one." I wish I could keep Cowboy. I really feel like we have a connection; he always walks up to the gate to see me, and when Mom or Julie come to feed him, he stays far away from them. Also, he knelt down so I could get on him the other day! It was incredible! "I know you haven't been here for long at all, but I already love you so much," I whispered to him. He tried to put his head over the fence, but he was only able to get his nose over it. "Aww, buddy, I'm sorry you can't put your head over the fence." I opened the gate and walked inside. I latched the gate and started to pet Cowboy. I gave him a hug, and just like Pepper, he hugged me back.

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