Chapter Fifty

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It's been eleven months since you had Fred. You were making dinner as Draco was walking with Fred around the kitchen. Fred was learning how to walk and was able to take a few steps on his own. And he loved to spend time with Chicken.
But his first word was dada. Draco was so proud.
Fred looked alot like you. Same hair color, eye color, skin color.
"Dada dada dada." He was saying with each step.
"Yes! I am your dada! Love me!" Draco exclaimed, laughing.
But now, Fred was able to say more words.
"Cookie!" He yelled.
"Cookie?" Draco looked at you. "Sweetheart, can he have a cookie?"
You nodded. "Give him a chewy one, he loves those."
Draco picked Fred up and went to the cabinet where the cookies are stashed.
He got one for Fred and one for himself.
"No! That Fred cookie too!" Fred yelled.
"Can Fred share one with daddy?" Draco asked.
"I'll give you one galleon."
Draco ate his cookie and you just looked at him.
"What?" He asked.
"You're such a fatass." You said.
"I am not!" He exclaimed, smiling.
"Remember when I found all that chocolate stashed in your drawer? And the licorice wand you had under your pillow?!"
"I get the munchies!" Draco said.
You laughed. "Sure you do."
Draco had put Fred down, making him sit on the floor to eat his cookie.
Now, you and Draco looked down because Fred started to cry.
He was looking around him, looking at his hands, looking under his leg, behind him.
"What's the matter, sweetie." You said.
Fred looked up at you with cookie crumbs all over his mouth. "Can't find!"
"You can't find what, son?" Draco asked.
"Lost!" He yelled.
"What did he lose?" Draco asked you. You shrugged.
"Tell me what's wrong darling." You went over to Fred and knelt down beside him.
"Can't find cookie!" He cried.
Draco laughed.
You picked Fred up. "Honey, you ate it remember? It's in here." You pointed at his stomach.
"Tummy?" He asked.
"Yes, your tummy. Don't worry, love. Your father will feed you some fruit right now."
Draco made a face. "I am?"
You rolled your eyes. "Yes, Draco. Can you feed him some watermelon? He likes it."
Draco smiled and took Fred to his playpen in the sitting room.
He came back to the kitchen and got some watermelon.
You continued your cooking as Chicken was resting from a tiring day of cleaning the mansion.
You couldn't hope for a better family or a better life. Life was perfect and you wouldn't trade it for the world.
Working in the Department of International Magical Cooperation was pretty hectic for Draco. He was in charge of sorting cases, getting wizards from around the world to cooperate with trade and justice and blah blah blah.
He was running late for a meeting. He was now 24 and was becoming really stressed. Whenever you tried to speak with him, he would snap at you.
Sometimes he apologized, sometimes he wouldn't.
You and Draco have had countless arguments over the smallest of things that he made such a big deal out of. Sometimes you two would wake up a 6 year old Fred and you would have to put him back to bed.
When that happened, you came back to the room to find Draco in bed, facing away from you.
Draco was walking quickly to get to the meeting as soon as possible when he bumped into someone and they both fell.
"I'm sorry!" The person said. A woman.
He looked at her. She looked about his age with wavy brown hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.
She helped him pick up his paperwork.
"Thanks." He mumbled, getting up.
"I'm sorry again. I'm Astoria. Astoria Greengrass." She said.
Draco looked at her again. He smiled alittle. "Malfoy. Draco Malfoy."
Astoria smiled. "Well, see you around."
She walked away and Draco looked after her. He then proceeded to walk to the meeting.
You were wrapping your hand in a bandage. The wound was still bleeding alittle.
You had accidently dropped a glass bowl and when you bent down to pick it up, Fred scared you with his 'boo' and you gripped the shattered glass too hard.
Work that day was exhausting. There were so many customers at George's shop.
When you went to work, Fred stood home with Chicken as a babysitter. He was great at it.
It was late, about 8:30. Draco should have been home about two hours ago. You began to worry, until you heard the door open and close.
You went out to greet Draco.
"Hello, love." You said.
"Hi." Draco didn't look at you, he just walked past you.
Gosh, that hurt.
You followed him into the sitting room. "I already ate dinner. Fred got hungry and he wanted me to eat with him."
Draco sat down and picked up the Daily Prophet. "Ok."
"You're not going to eat?" You asked.
"I already ate."
You furrowed your eyebrows. "Were they giving out food at the ministry?"
"I went out."
Your heart stopped. "Alone?"
"With who?"
Draco rolled his eyes. "Someone I met at the ministry. A new friend."
You sat down. "Is this new friend a woman or a man?"
"None of your concern."
You paused. "I love you Draco."
"Do you love me?"
He flipped the page of the Daily Prophet. "I'm here aren't I?"
You nodded. Then you got a decorative pillow from the couch and threw it at Draco, leaving the room angrily and heading upstairs to the room you shared with Draco.
Draco rolled his eyes and tossed the pillow back in its place.
He continued reading the Daily Prophet.

Hey!! So I figured, hey it's time for more drama. So let's see how this turns out!!

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