Chapter 67

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Hisham unbuttoned his work shirt, before pulling on his pajama top, and stretching out on him and Ilham's bed. He closed his eyes momentarily, letting out a deep breath. He had had a long day, and just wanted to relax...

His eyes flew open in surprise as he felt Ilham press her lips to his and she smiled at how startled he was.

"Sorry I scared you. I wasn't exactly quiet.'" She said, and he pulled her towards him, kissing the top of her head.

"Don't worry, I'm just kind of tired, and I guess I zoned out for a bit." He kissed her again. "What's up baby?"

She shrugged, and snuggled into his chest.

"Nothing much."

"How's my little girl doing?"

She placed a hand over her stomach with a smile.

"She's good. Kicking all over the place."

Hisham laughed, and rubbed his eyes, yawning loudly.

"Why are you so tired habibi?" she asked with a frown, and he shrugged.

"Just been working a lot lately." He shifted slightly, keeping his arms around her. "Wanna know a secret?"

She sat forward, her eyes lighting up.


"Guess what Baba is doing right now?"


"Talking with Houssam."

Ilham shot up, her mouth dropping open in total astonishment .

"Oh my God! What?! Houssam is here!?"

Hisham nodded, grinning widely.

"Yes! He just flew in about an hour ago and went straight to Mama and Baba's."

"Why is he here?! How long is he here for!? Does Yusra and Amir know?!"

"No one knows he is here. He actually is going back to New York tonight."

Ilham's eyes widened.

"He flew five hours just to be here for a couple of hours, then he is flying another five hours back!?"

Hisham nodded.


"Why would he do that!?"

Hisham grinned.

"Cannot you guess?"

Ilham looked at him for a few seconds before she squealed.

"He's proposing!?"

"He's proposing!" Hisham exclaimed and Ilham squealed again before propelling herself onto him. He laughed, and caught her, grunting slightly as she had gained weight from the new baby, but he still lifted his head to kiss her happily.

"I know! And that's actually why he is flying us all out there! He wants us to be there when he asks her."

Ilham's smile was so wide it practically split her face and she did a little dance.

"Oh my God this is truly incredible! I can't even handle it! Can I tell Yusra?!"

"Well baby, Houssam is her brother, I think you should let him be the one to tell her."

Ilham frowned, jutting out her lower lip, and Hisham leaned forward to kiss it before laughing.

"You can keep a secret for that long right?"

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