( chapter fourteen. )

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  WHEN ANDREA ARRIVED AT the hospital, she found herself helplessly watching as Steve forcefully pushed Natasha back into a room. The female sighed, closing her eyes as she collapsed against a nearby wall. Every muscle in her body ached. But, as desperate as she was for rest, the Jones girl knew she would find none of it here.

  "Are you alright?" Andy glanced over her shoulder, looking back at the male nurse who watched her uneasily. He looked concerned as he took in the state of her appearance. Andrea waved him off, though even the action itself was enough to say that she was anything but okay. She was dead exhausted.

  However, she couldn't let him know that. "I'm fine, this is like─ what?─ a daily thing nowadays. No biggie." The reassurance was lost on the man as he rose one brow. Andy forced herself to stand upright, giving up the support system the wall had provided her with. She forced a smile. "See? Completely fine." She dismissively waved her hands.

  "You're bleeding." The nurse deadpanned and Andrea frowned. He was staring at her face as he spoke. Hesitantly, the female felt for the cut at her lip and realized the wound had reopened again. She sucked in a sharp breath at the stinging sensation that replied, eyes darting back to the man as he slowly approached.

  With every step he took closer, Andrea took one step back. "Really, I'm fine." She insisted, drawing nearer to the door that both Natasha and Steve hid behind. "I've already been checked out by another nurse." The man rose another brow, though, this time he seemed to be challenging her.

  "Oh, really? What was their name?" He met her eyes evenly as he pulled out both a bandage and a disinfectant spray from the pocket of his scrubs. It was Andrea's turn to raise her brows as she finally stopped running. At this point, it was safe to assume that there was no getting out of her situation. At least, not without suspicion or fists.

  "Uh, I see you're prepared for this kind of situation." She pointed out, avoiding the question. The man said nothing, pointing with his spray at one of the only chair's within the vicinity. There was strict look in his eyes as he gestured for her to sit. Andy scoffed, "I'm not getting in a wheelchair." The man drew closer, spraying the wound on her lip and causing the brunette to fall back in surprise.

  She collapsed onto the wheelchair with a defeated huff, "You do know who I am, right? I'm sure you know I have more important things-" The nurse held up his disinfectant spray with the promise of threat. The brunette pursed her lips, glaring as she finally let the man set out to work on her wound.

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