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chapter 31

leos pov

We had all just arrived back at our home after spending way to long shopping for dresses. when she walked out of that dressing room, my stomach fluttered, butterfly erupted and am automatic  smile was brought to my face. 

no girl has ever made me feel this way, and i dont hate it. 

anyways, ive been running around like a bitch trying to plan the perfect date until i got an idea.

i told adriana to ask sofia what her dream date would be, and to be honest im a little bit worried. 

im gonna ask her to be my girlfriend. i know what your thinking big bad mafia boss fell lo-likes his best friends sister who he has only known for 3 weeks. 

ffs i sound a little bit desperate. 

shut up bitch

go to hell

yeah mfer we are going to hell

oo is there tacos in hell? shii im graving one rn

i cant believe we are the same person 

after having a mini fight with my conscience, i look around for the mini sofia. yes we have started calling her that. yes they are literally exactly alike, their personalities match and its low-key scary.

damn i gotta deal with both of them. AS I SHOULD. ew im never saying that again.

"Sienna!!!" i scream out and wait for the 4 year old to come running. 

seconds later i heard light footsteps and a giggle. this giggle consumes the whole house and turns it into a home.


"hey leo, whats wrong?" she smiles sitting on the couch next to me.

"okay, so i need you to give this card to your mommy. can you do that?" i ask. 

she nods her head. "sure! wait. is it something bad?" she worries.

"no, of course not. want me to tell you the secret?" i say quietly. 

"yupp" she whisper-shouts. you know when its not loud but not quite yeah like that.

"i want to take your mommy on a date. will you be okay with that?" i ask. even though i like sofia, sienna is her daughter and either way i feel like she should know before hand. shii ive never done this before.

"duh im okay with it. dont forget red roses." she says. she grabs the card from my hand and she in the direction of sofias room.

(A/N if u dont remember in chapter 17 sienna told leo that sofia liked red roses.)


im bored as fuck

ive been scrolling through my phone for the last hour or so. sienna dipped and left me to be bored by litterally laying on my bed with my phone above my face.

 one wrong move and i got a phone to the nose.

mmh do i have stockholm syndrome. eh i 100% do. 

i shouldn't fucking like him. but i do. every smirk, every kiss, everytime he calls me amore or lyubov he does sends straight butterflies into my stomach.

sienna opening my huge ass door cuts off my thoughts. she walks towards me with a card in her hand.

"here mommy." she smiled. 

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