Ambers Point of view
"Yes mother i know that the People of Flipside and Flopside will be just fine. Yes I'll be home soon everything will be just fine.Ok? Yes. Eat all my Veggies yes I know! Bye mother." I hung up the phone after I finished talking to my mom back at home. I did miss Flipside and Flopside but I had friends here that loved me too. Maybe I could ask Pipeman to build a pipe between the two worlds so I can visit! Yay! good idea me!*high fives self*
"Hey Katy. Come here a minute." I whispered Yelled down the hallway to not wake anyone up. I grabbed a pair of Black Flats from my pouch (Don't ask about how I'm able to do that). Katy walked in and sat down on the floor cross legged.
"Now I know you don't like shoes but how do you deal with the cold of winter, or the mud of Spring, or hot Concrete of summer and sharp leaves of fall? So I had my B- I mean My Dad make you a pair a shoes but there something cool about them." I handed her the shoes as she put them on her feet.
"Now walk around in them." I told her. She stood up and carefully took a step forward.

"Hey! I can still feel the carpet under these shoes!" She softly screamed with excitement. My father made it so what ever you walk on it feels like your barefoot except that on anything hot it cools so you don't burn your feet.

Jon's Point of View
I stayed in my room for a week before being dragged out by Lindsey and Cole.
"Staaaaaahp let me sleeeep" I groaned as I was dragged down the hall.
"Shhhhh Mr. Jon I don't know what's happening, just shut up while other are sleeping" Lillian yelled at me. Lillian was a lot scarier than Lindsey was and she could make anyone shut up in a matter of seconds.
Cole and Lindsey laughed at me as I groaned more.
"Hey guys... What are you doing with Jon?" I heard Emile ask As I was thrown onto the bed Next to him.
"Ouch" I mumbled as I crawled under the covers, but they were soon taken off of me and was thrown onto the floor.
"Whyyyyyyy" I moaned the light hurting my head even more.
"Because You can't just hide away for the rest of your life" Emile told me as he grabbed me. I let out a squeak and Snuggled up into his chest, a light blush on my face.
"Well. You to have fun. Not to much fun though." I heard Lillian Say as they left the room, Leaving Emile and I Alone.

Hey guys I'm gonna say this now I Can't tell if the Chapters are short or not because I type on a Phone not a computer because it's really glitchy on the computer. It kinda hurts me to hear that you guys think it short but I find it long. So If your gonna complain please just keep it to yourself. okay? Thanks!
Byeeeeeee kittens ^3^

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