Chapter 7 ~Annabeth~

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All She could hear were muffled voices coming from the two, she couldn't take it anymore.

"Piper, can you go see what's taking them so long? I getting a little frustrated." She requested her to do while pointing to the door where the two were hiding.

"Gladly! I love stalking, stalking is something I'm a pro at!" Piper piped, which made everyone stare wildly at her,"I'm kidding!" She burst throwing her hands up for defense.

She tip-toed over to the door and heard the exact words,"Annabeth Chase." She gasped but didn't say a word to the women or men behind her waiting anxiously to know who the cutest boy in school liked.

When she returned to the "circle of trust" she just plopped her butt right next to Jason, leaving everyone questioning her. Piper was grinning for ear to ear and looked like she was going to burst soon.

"Piper you look like your going to burst up into flames!" Leo joked," Come on Pipes, just tell us who!" Leo wouldn't stop bugging Piper, it was bothering me. So Annie stood up, bitch slapped Leo like She once bitch slapped Rachel, it looked painful but felt good.

"That's what you get for bothering my friends and I, Valdez." She mumbled while the two walked out from the "room." Jason looked like he wanted to make a comment, which Piper din't want him to make but he made it anyway.

"Gods you two were in there so long i thought something happened between you two!" Jason referenced making everyone's faces go sour,"What! I couldn't help it!"

The group or the "Circle of trust" just ignored the two while Percy and Annabeth held hands. That boy was growing on her and she liked it.

Annabeth Chase was falling in love with Perseus Jackson more and more by the second and she didn't even know it.

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