Chapter 6: Knock Knock

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"Why are you on the floor Liam?" His mom asked as she walked over to him.

Liam stared at the mirror as he brushed himself off. He kept starring at his reflection and moving his head to one side then the other.

"Liam!" His mom said in a firm voice.

Liam knew it'd be stupid to tell his mother that he saw his own reflection move itself. But he was scared. Although he was sure his mother wouldn't believe him but it was worth a try he thought.

He took a deep breath as he looked at the mirror then back to his mother. "I saw...I saw my reflection move." Liam blurted out.

Abagail stood there frowning. Her eyebrows were arched down and she stood up tall with her arms crossed. "Bed. Now." She said walking away. "You have school tomorrow. Goodnight." She said putting her hand near the light.

"No! Leave it on. I don't have a night light or a lava lamp." Liam said.

"Honestly Liam, don't you think it's about time you grew out of that stage?" She nodded, turned off the light, then closed the door leaving Liam in the dark. "Goodnight." She said then she turned off the hallway light and Liam was now in complete darkness.

He quickly got on his bed. He reached into his dresser and took out his phone. He slid his blanket over his head then left the phone light on. It wasn't very bright, the phone light was dim and the battery had 22 percent left.

He kept his blanket over him. He kept looking around and peeking up from under his blanket. He saw nothing but the darkness. He went back under his blanket and closed his eyes.

About an hour and a half passed by when he woke up to the sound of someone coming in his room and closing the door. Liam didn't dare to lift the blanket. When whoever came in sat on his bed he had a mini heart attack. He felt the bed move and the light weight of someone near his foot.

"Hey darling, you awake?" A light voice said.

Liam lifted the blanket and saw somewhat of a female figure. Thank God it was just his mother. He thought.

"I love you Liam." She said gently patting his head. Liam couldn't see her well in the dark. "Be yourself. Always be yourself. Never change." She said. Then she stood up to leave.

That was odd. Liam thought.

She was half way at the door when Liam called her. "Hey, mom?" Liam said.

His mother opened the door and stepped out. She was about to close the door but before she did she whispered something. "Oh sweetie. I am not your mother." The last word was a mix of sinister and hate.

The door slammed. Liam ran to the door. It wouldn't open. He tried turning on the lights but it wouldn't come on. The air conditioner started making noises. Liam ran under his blanket but he felt another presence in the room. He heard three knocks coming from glass.

"Mom! Dad! somebody help!" Liam yelled. There was a quick laughing sound in the room. The sound of a little boy.

Suddenly Liam saw light. He slowly peeked up and saw his parents. His mom was wearing a red robe, while holding Timmy. His dad looked around the room.

"What's going on?" Nelson asked.

Liam's breathing was fast and he could barely speak. He was shaking. His mom came over to him and put her arms around him.

Liam looked at the mirror. "Please take it out. Take it away." He buried his face into his moms shoulder. "This place is scary." He cried. "I want to go home."

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