Chapter 18

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*A/N*  soryy, but this is going to be a reaaallllyyyy short chapter, and the last one aswell :( but don't worry, read the authours note at the bottom and I'll explain the situation a bit more carefully. :)

Now I leave you to read my faithful penguins!


1 month later

Ivey-Rose's POV

We all were sat in the courtroom, waiting for the judges verdict.  We were all worried about what the judge would say.  He could say that dally was infact guilty, which was false, or that he was innocent,  which is what half of the court is hoping.

I wondered what Dally was thinking? He could be thinking about anything at the moment, even unicorns, but I highly doubt that, because Dally wouldn't even think of a unicorn dying. Oh god, now that image is in my head, so disturbing and sad! Think of bunnies, fairies and chocolate Ivey, not something like a unicorn dying! I mentally yelled at my self in my head.

It felt like hours before the judge came back in, oh who am I kidding, it was four bleeding hours and we weren't allowed to leave this hot stuffy hall.

The judge sat back down in his massive seat that looked like luxury compared to the wooden planks I'm sitting on.  He sighed before looking around the room, his eyes landing on certain people for a second and then moving again, his face showing no emotion at all.  He took a deep breath and began to speak.

"I here by pronounce Dallas Winston... Not guilty of this crime." He said whacking his hammer thingy on the wooden block.

I jumped up like I had been electrocuted with happiness.  I screamed wiht joy and wrapped my arms around Soda, who wraped his around my waist and pressed his lips to mine.  I kiseed him back for about 30 seconds before pulling back and running over to hug Dally, he hugged me back smiling.

"Thanks Ivey, for everything." He whsipered.

"No problem." I whispered back smiling.


AND THAT IS THE END IF IT WAYS ALWAYS YOU!!! But don't worry there deffinitely will be a sequel!!! I held a competition for new characters for the sequel, I love all the entries so far!!! but one thing is, there are so many girls wanting to be Dally's girlfriend, so what I will do is draw the name out of a hat, because that is the fairest way I can possibly do it.  I will post a thingy tomorrow saying which parts which and the character descriptions and everything.  But! if you really do want a part, and you are a Dally girl, you can message me and see if we can sort it out, or put you in another one of my stories??

Oh yeah so... I really loved writing this story and I'm glad people loved it as well :D  because at first I thought people weren't reading my story and just accidentally clicking on it, but when I began to get comments and votes I was like, WOW PEOPLE ARE READING WHAT I WRITE!!! AND THEY ACTUALLY LIKE IT!!!

Yeah so If you ever want to say hi, just pm or message me, I'm actually a really nice person, well, thats what I've been told anyway :)


Georgia-Rose <3

p.s. LOVE YOU ALL <3 <3 <3

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