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Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Watson joined the chatroom 

Watson- I know you were just trying to amuse yourself, but come on! You didn't have to say 'they are put into a large room and burnt.' Heeellloo? They are children!

Sherlock- Children aren't delicate things, sometimes you have to say something to keep the quiet ot stop them from saying false information. 

Watson- Seriously.... Is that what you did to your classmates when you were young? 

Sherlock- Ye- Well, no. I just told them the truth and they didn't shut up.

Watson- I wonder what it would have been like when I met when we were younger...

Sherlock- Now isn't the time to be wondering, but to my extent, I think not much would change, except you would be shorter, less smarter then you already are, and wouldn't be keeping a blog. And I probably would have never met you, as you haven't got the personality you have now. But... It pains me to say, we would have made a good team.

Watson- Really? Have you ever had anyone? Like a girlfriend, who feeds you up sometimes?

Sherlock- Is that what girlfriends do? Feed you up. And no I care about the work, everything else is transport.

Watson- What about a boyfriend? Which is fine obviously...

Sherlock- John... you should know that I have you strictly for work, I don't want a proper friendship- 

Watson- No I wasn't asking you out. No... Listen I've got to go... Have fun!

Watson left the chatroom 

Sherlock left the chatroom 


I hope that was a childhood memory... 

Please check out That Wolf Man; Derek Hale. Thanks XD 

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