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The life of living in Blaise's toy shop was a peaceful and lovely one. By sleeping on an actual bed, your back was less stiff every morning and your sleep schedule shifted into a normal one, where you could get a full night's sleep everyday. No more chores lined up for you, so now you had all the free time you could ever ask for. The concept was unfamiliar, leaving you to wonder what to do to fill all this time up. You also opted to help Blaise with his customers, despite his protests for putting weight on your healing feet. Why? Because you owed him tons and working for him was the least you could do. Not to mention, speaking to some of these customers had been enjoyable too.

A week had passed by from the day you escaped your home. Currently, you were out and about in the shop. Bending down to meet eye to eye with a girl in long, brown pigtails, you smiled at her, your expression soft. She was holding a doll tightly to her chest, her face twisted up in excitement already for getting a new toy. It was adorable to see. "Would you like her to be wrapped up in pink ribbons?" you asked her kindly. "It will keep her safe on your journey home."

"Oh! Yes please," she exclaimed, nodding up and down. Gingerly handing the doll to you, she followed you to the packaging station. Meanwhile, her mother was at the other counter, where she was paying Blaise the coins for the toy. Having been taught by your male friend on how to package these toys, you slowly put the doll into the closest sized box and stuffed tissues beside it. Wrapping it up as a present, you tied a knot at the front, the rosy, pink color glimmering prettily.

You handed the box back to the girl and she thanked you, her small teeth showing in happiness. Your heart melted at the sight of it as you waved her goodbye. Hand in hand, she and her mother got out of the store. Letting out a breath, you went over to where Blaise stood, who looked just as content as you. "How are your feet doing?" he asked immediately, his green eyes flickering down to the floor.

"They're fine. Thank you, but you don't have to worry so much. I promise I'll take a break if they're ever hurting too much," you assured him. You looked out of the window and stared at the people walking past the store. Remembering the first time you stumbled upon this place to look inside those very same windows, your heart lurched at the thought of it. The toys had seem so magical back then -- they still do now, but it was different. You had gone such a long ways since then. It was quite mind blowing to you. "Do you remember the first time we met?"

He leaned closer to you and twirled his gloved fingers around a strand of your hair. "Of course I do. You looked as pretty as you do now."

Frowning in embarrassment, you pushed him away and rolled your eyes. "Stop teasing me."

His brows rose in disbelief, but before he could respond, the jingle of the bell brought both of your attentions to the front. Another group of customers had arrived, this time consisting of two ladies and a young boy of around eight years. The women gossiped of news while the boy immediately beelined to the train tracks, crouching down to watch them with awe. You and Blaise got out from the corner to greet them, but the ladies were talking nonstop.

"It's a shame, isn't it? What were they even doing to catch it?"

"Well, I heard they ended up taking jobs near unsanitary sites, because they weren't as rich as we had thought."

"All three of them?"

"Cholera is easily spread. Maybe one had caught it and since they're family..."

"Her two poor daughters. They didn't even get the chance to marry."

"Didn't they go to the ball to look for suitors?"

Your ears perked up at the sound of this and an unsettling feeling grew within you. This could be about anyone, but the sound of it hit way too close to home. It was best to ask and confirm it wasn't about them to comfortably go on with your day. "Hello," you interjected, causing the two women to stop midway and turn to look at you. They were not pleased with this interruption at all, their lips pursing into fine lines. "I apologize, but whom are you talking about?"

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