My Fail Confession

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''''I stuttered nervously.My face was heating up by the secound,my hand was shaking really badly,butterflys grew in my stomach. So many questions were racing through my head! How am I going to tell him? Am I going to tell him? I usually can tell him anything but this time my mouth wouldn't let me.I looked at Goldy then Bonnie.Goldy knew what was going on,he stepped up beside me and began''What my brother is trying to say is he really has a crush on you for a while now, and he wants to go out with you.'' I just hoped he was not going to show the pictures I drew of Bonnie.

Bonnie's face went from a gleeful smile to a hurt face.

''I am guessing you guys need to talk it out. I'll leave you two alone so you guys can work this out''Goldy sighed and left the room.

''B-Bonnie I am sorry I should've told you sooner-''I whimpered softly.''Just don't talk to me.....''he mumbled just barely audible as he ran out of the room.

''Bonnie don't leave!'' I cried out almost in tears.I held my stomach just as it started to hurt.''I'm worthless'' I mumbled as I started to cry.

Just then Goldy ran into my room.

''Freddy what happened!''Goldy yelled as he ran in the door.''Freddy!Tell me what happened!''My brother screamed. I couldn't even bare to talk. All I could do was cry.Goldy hugged me and whispered in my ear''I know.It'll be okay. I promise.''

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