Part 5

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It turned out that she had gotten to speak to the prince for a brief moment, and something about a guy named Timothy. I don't really listen to what she's saying. I spend the rest of the night mostly tuned out to what's going on around me. We meet up with my parents then share a table with three other families for dinner. After that we say goodbye to 'close family friends' I have never met before and go back to the carriage to go home. 

My sister and I  help eachother undress, the whole time she blabbers on about Timothy. "...And then he kissed me!" She says and starts dancing around the room. 

"Wait wait! He kissed you?!" I clairify. In our society you don't kiss someone unless you are going to marry them. But even kissing while engaged is slightly frowned upon. "Are you getting married?"

She dances over to me and wigles her fingers in front of my face. 

A ring.

There is a diamond ring. On. My sister's. Finger.

I start jumping up and down with her. I can't help but be happy for her. "AHHH I'M GETTING MARRIED!" she says and sprawls out on her bed.

"When are you going to tell stepdad?" I ask her. I hope for her sake that he approves of it.

"I did. In the carrige. But I knew you weren't listening. And I tried to tell you a few minutes ago but you also weren't listening." she sounds slightly hurt. I start to feel bad. Iv'e done this to her a lot lately... I almost never genuinely listen to her anymore.

"I'm sorry." I say slightly ashamed of myself. Her smile returns.

"Don't worry about it. I do have a habit of being too garrulous at times. But I can tell you're thinking about something. A boy. Who is he?" she always could tell when something was on my mind.

"Well..." I start to blush "He's tall and muscular and has dark..." I stop talking. That's when I realize what was on my mind all night. The boy from the woods. Not Nathan. My heart starts racing almost as fast as my mind. I can't let her know I went into the woods now... Stepdad would surely kill me if he found out.

"Angie. You spaced out again." She's sitting real close to me now, taking in every word I say.

"Ummm... he has dark um eyes. Yea dark eyes. Yeah. Umm his name is Nathan. But that's all. Yeah. Ummm I'm tired I'm gonna go to sleep now..." I fall back on my bed. I suck at lying.

"Okaaaay then..." She rolls her eyes and walks over to her bed. "Suit yourself." She sounds irritated that I didn't give her any details. But how could I? I can't even think about Nathan right now. 

I roll onto my side and look out the window. It's a full moon tonight. Fireflies dot the night sky making the forest seem unreal. 


The word makes me think of something. I'm not quite sure what.


The night seems unreal. This gives me an idea. I lie in bed until Lousieta's breathing slows down and I can be sure she's asleep. I quietly get out of bed and open our wardrobe. I dig to the very bottom and pull out a pair of knickerbockers. They were dad's when he was a boy. I like to wear them when I go into the woods. It's much easier to walk when you don't have on a dress that gets snagged on the smallest bush. 

I also find one of my dad's old button up shirts and put that on too. I look at myself in the mirror. I'm still a girl, but I think I look much stronger and tougher in these clothes.

I light a candle and make sure my knife is in my pocket. 

As quietly as I can I open the window and step outside. I take a moment to look at the stars and fireflies twinkling together. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" I whisper to myself.

Then I run. All the way to the pond. I can't help but be proud of how unlady-like I am, jumping over logs, sprinting through the forest. I stop for a moment at the pond though. 

Something's wrong. It feels wrong.

A stick snaps behind me. I whip around but don't see anything. "Hello?" I whisper. I clutch the knife in my pocket, ready to defend myself if needed. Suddenly the night seems about ten times colder.

A breeze blows out my candle. Dispite the full moon, the forest seems pitch black because of the cover of trees. 


This night seems unreal now. 

Then I feel a warm breath on my shoulder. And a slightly familiar voice. 

"Hello." A strong hand grabs my arm, and a second clapses over my mouth. His hands feel like iron. I don't even try to shake lose because I know I wouldn't be able to. 

The worst part is, he's not the boy I saw last time. "Now tell me, what a little girly like you would be doing so close to our border at this time of night?" His lips are right next to my ear. I can feel the warmth radiating from his body.

"Muuph..." I try to anwser but nothing understandable comes out of my mouth because of his hand.

He sighs. "You snakes are so stupid." what does he mean by snakes? I wonder. "I really don't care. But you haven't crossed the line yet, so that means I can't kill you. Yet." 

Then he lifts my feet off the groundand spins me around to look at him. He's just as muscular as the other boy I had saw. And also slightly attractive. His piercing hazle green eyes dig into mine. He has a stong jaw line and full lips. And his smirk shows off sharp daggers.

"I'm Max." He says and laughs a little. But it's a cruel laugh. The kind of laugh you do before you kill someone. My heart starts pounding.

"And you." His eyes dig into mine ever harder. I feel tiny. "You are dead." My stomach drops to my knees. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a needle. I try to move, or scream, or anything but he's too strong. He stabs it into my side.

I watch as blackness slowly consumes my vision. 

Unreal. This night seems unreal. That's the last thought I have before blacking out.

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