Ch. 65

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Harmony's p.o.v|

I have some more wedding planning to do today. Luke's not coming with me this time though. I'm bringing along Alexis with me instead. I also have to bring, Layla because I have no one else to watch her. The boys are busy doing interviews today. All the girls are also busy with work and stuff. My mom is also working today.

I hear the doorbell ring. I rush downstairs to answer the door.

"Hey Alexis."

"Hi love," she smiles brightly.

"Ready to go?" She asks me.

"Yes, let me just grab the baby."

I go and get Layla, who was now in Luke's arms.

"I'll see you later," I tell Luke.

"Bye babe," he replied.

I give him a quick kiss. Then Alexis and I go out to her car. We drive to my wedding planner's office. When we get there, we go inside the building.

"Hello again," Derek smiled.

"Hi Derek, this is my best friend."

"Does the best friend have a name?" He asked.

"Alexis." She holds his hand out to shake his.

"Nice to meet you," he says politely.

"Same to you," Alexis replied.

We both sit down on the sofa, that was right across from Derek's desk.

"We still have a lot to do," he said.

"Yes we do."

"This is going to be a long process, but I plan to finish it this week." He explains to me, which I agree on.

We get started with the rest of the planning then.

Luke's p.o.v|

The boys and I have a bunch of interviews today. We're going to be on, The Ellen Show. We have been on it already before, but Ellen asked us to be on again.

The boys and I make our way to the Warner Bros. Studio. We go to the lot where the show films. We get out of the car, our security following closely behind us.

"Hi boys." Ellen herself greets us, as soon as we made it into our dressing room.

"It's nice to see you again," Calum said.

"Same to you," she smiled.

"You guys are on in 15!" One of the show's directors told us.

We nod our heads.

"I'll see you out there," Ellen said.

She walks out of the dressing room. We can see the show starting from the tv in the room. We watch it as we get ready. After 15 long minutes, we hear our call to go on. We make our way onto the set.

"Give it up for, 5 Seconds Of Summer!" I could hear Ellen say loudly.

The boys and I walk out of the waiting area and onto the small stage. We sit down on the white couch.

"I'm glad you guys could be here with us today," she said.

"It's nice to be here," Mikey replied.

"I heard that you're writing some songs for your new album now," she says.

"That's true," Ash said.

"Are the songs about anyone in particular? Or I don't know...." She said.

The audience starts laughing. We all look up at the screen. I see a picture of Calum and Quinn holding hands.

"Or I don't maybe someone else, like this..." Ellen trails off.

A picture of Harmony and I then appeared on the screen.

I start blushing almost immediately and so does, Calum.

"Aww that's sweet," Ellen said.

"How is Harmony and Quinn?" Ellen asks us.

"She's great actually. We have a baby to deal with now. We're going to be getting married in a few months."

"Oh my gosh, that's right the baby!" Ellen smiled.

"Yeah," I smile back.

"And how about Quinn?" Ellen looks over at Calum.

"She's great!" Calum's cheeks turned a slight red color.

The crowd was in awe.

"You all are just the cutest, aren't Ya?" Ellen tells us.

"We aren't really," Mikey said.


"That was 5 Seconds Of Summer everyone!" Ellen cheered.

Everyone in the audience claps for us. We go off the stage.

Harmony's p.o.v|

I get back to the house from a long day of planning the wedding. I sit back on the couch and kick my feet up. I had Layla sitting on my stomach. I turn on the tv.

I hear the front door slam closed. Luke appears in the living room.


"Hi," he sighed.

"Long day?" I ask him.

"Yeah," he says.

He sits on the couch. He grabs my legs and puts them on his lap. Layla looks over at Luke and she giggles. He looks at Layla and smiles at her. He takes her off my stomach and holds her.

"Hi there." He looks at his daughter adoringly.

She grabs onto Luke's hair and pulls on it.

"That's mine, you can't have that." He tells her and she looks at him confused.

It was the cutest sight ever.

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