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After a long fight, Sting and Rogue finally managed to corner Lucy in the bathroom and attacked her with alcohol wipes and bandages. "Ah! IT HURTS STING AND ROGUE!!!" Hissed Lucy in pain. "We are almost done Blondie." Grunted Sting. "Okay hurry up I can't take this much longer." cried Lucy. "We are hurrying" stated Rogue.

"Hey Blondie do you want to join Sabertooth guild and get trained to be stronger so you can get back at Fairytail." Asked Sting. "Sure Sting Bee I would love to." Smiled Lucy. "Yeah! Tomorrow at 6 am Rogue and I will train you to get physical stronger and then our good friend Yukino can help improve your celestial power." Grinned Sting. "Oh thank you so much Sting." Giggled Lucy. "So Lucy where should me and Sting sleep" asked Rogue. "Hm..... how about you two share my bed with me since I now have a king thanks to Natsu destroying my first one last month." "Okay." said
Rogue. "Lets crash I'm beat." Yawned Sting. "Okay here some clothes I was given from Natsu and Gray for Christmas that turned out to be for guys." Spoke Lucy. "Thanks Lucy." said Rogue and Sting.

After they all got changed and headed to bed.

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