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Laura's POV

He ruffled his shiny black hair, exposing his sculpted arm "Oh...sorry, by the way, I'm Jimin."

"Ji...min. Ohh, you must be Mrs Park's nephew."

"You know my aunt?"

"Yeah, I'm staying at the beach house next door."

"Are you...Laura, by any chance?"

"Yeah, how did you know? Has your aunt spoken about me before?"

"When has she never? She always goes on about you. So I've finally met the famous Laura, it's an honour."

He reached his hand out for me to shake so I stepped closer but slipped on a rock covered in seaweed. In a flash I was on the floor staring at my bloody knee that had been badly scraped up from one of the rocks.

"Noona!" Min Jae screamed.

Jimin and Min Jae sharply rushed over to me "Oh my, I'm so sorry that was all my fault, are you okay?"

Jimin tried helping me up but I winced in pain "Ahhh, easy. It's okay, I'm just a little clumsy."

He helped me up more slowly "I'm so sorry, this is all my fault."

"Whoa, don't be. It's okay, seriously...I'll be fine." I tried walking but ended up going limp and trying to hold in the pain. He could see it in my eyes.

"Okay, but you've got to let me sort your knee out." He draped my arm over his shoulder and held my waist to support me from leaning on my bad knee "We'll get you back to ours and clean up your knee."

Great, my first day on holiday and I've already hurt front of a kind of cute boy.
Wait, what am I thinking? NO BOYS.

I limped back to the Park's beach house holding onto Jimin for support as Min Jae and Yuri were running in front of us, leaving us alone for a short while.

We spent that time walking back up to the beach house in mostly silence, making eye contact a few times, making me feel really awkward. I just smiled with my lips, not knowing what to say but hoping that we'd get inside and be surrounded by people soon to remove the awkwardness.

He caught me by surprise by lifting me up onto their kitchen counter.
I could feel Uncle Tim and my father eyeing us up.
It must have looked a little odd to them.
Jimin ignored their glares and went through the cupboards to look for something to clean my wound with.
I reached for the tissues on the side and dampened them under the sink.

I dabbed around to clean the blood dripping down my leg "Ew..." I muttered.

He came back to me, holding a brown bottle and a folded tissue "It's going to sting a little" He said warningly.
I could already smell the strong stench of antiseptic when he opened the bottle.

"Ugh, just do it."

I turned my face to the side, closing my eyes to prepare to embrace the pain.

I bit down on my lip. It stung baaad. My reflex was to let go of the side of the counter and hold onto his bare shoulders.
With my eyes still closed, I could feel him putting the band aid over my cut.
I opened one eye and saw him smiling at me.

"You're fine."

I let out a long sigh, and my mum and Mrs Park walked in on this moment. They stopped in their steps, giving us a strange look.
I just realised that my hands were still gripped onto Jimin's shoulders.
I quickly let go and he stepped back before I jumped down off of the counter.

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