Chapter 1

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Hello! Welcome to the 1st chapter of the "Flames of The Sun and a Slime?". I hope that you will enjoy the story! See you at the end of the chapter!

{[System]} - Announcement or actions done by the system

{Voice Of The World} - Announcement or actions from the Voice of The World as narration

{Voice Of The World} - Voice of The World in the story

"Hello!" - Someone talking

'Welcome to my Mind!' - Someone thinking

[Name] - name of a skill

{(Announcement)} - Skill talking

(In Bold Text) - Me talking


{[System. Report. Starting Story... Success!]}

{Changing Perspective from Author to Veldora... Success!}

-Veldora's P.O.V.-

"I woke up in this cave" the human named Yoriichi said

'Hm? So he is like Rimuru I see'

"So you are like Rimuru" I said

"Hm? What do you mean?"

"You see Rimuru was human but he died and got in this world in a wierd way like you do. You came here like a summon but has no summoner"

"Hmm. I see so Rimuru here reincarnated, but what is a summon and the summoner?"

"Well a summon is basically a person that was transferred from their world to our world, it takes a lot of resources to summon one person. While a summoner is someone or a group of people who summoned a person, then they put a curse at that person so that they can't disobey them."

As I said that, I felt the atmosphere got heavier. This pressure that I feel came from that human.

'A human releasing this pressure? He must be strong'

"I see, so these summoners you speak of are just people who are power hungry. Just. Like. That. One. Person."

The atmosphere got even heavier as he said those last words, I was scared but I manage to hide it somehow. It's just like that time with my sisters.

Moments later the man calmed down and apologized for his actions.

{Switching Perspective from Veldora to Matthew/Yoriichi... Succes! Starting Story}

-Matthew/Yoriichi's P.O.V.-

When I heard those words from Veldora, I was super mad. Even though I already knew about the summon and summoner thing, I just can't stop but be mad at those people. Especially when they are like that one specific person. Muzan.

After I calmed down, the heavy atmosphere was released leaving Veldora and Rimuru panting, if slimes can breath. I apologize to them for my actions after they themselves have relaxed.

"I'm sorry for my actions earlier, I didn't mean to release that much pressure"

"It's fine, just don't do it again" Veldora said

'Wow, I must really scared the hell out of him'

'Yeah, just don't do it again, it was scary, your face was scary' Rimuru said

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