Chapter | 15

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Warning: Errr....
Li Jei said to not romanticize his man cheating :(

the next day,

What could the motives be behind the collection of Children? Adan thinks to himself as he washes the dishes, getting ready for his shift in guarding the place. All our mission states is to protect the Princes... but I feel like we should protect the Children as well.

Adan looks at Kelvin who is decorating cookies with a frosting pen and a stick. He says in their home language, "I am not washing your materials."

"There is a dishwasher, I will use it," Kelvin replies.

"You trust the dishwasher? There is no sponge to clean the surface, just the spray of water? Untrustworthy," Adan disapproves. But then, he sighs, "Postpone that and go accompany Shen for a bit. I told him you'll do his hair."

"Oh, wing-man, ne?"

"Do not harass the boy."

"Like what Mahiro said, it is just courting," Kelvin snickers as he eats the cookie right after he finished designing it. "And you are the one who masturbated him, correct? Hypocrite."

"I heard my name, what the fúck you talking shít for?" A shirtless and visibly tattooed Mahiro came in holding his rubics cube. He goes on to steal one of Kelvin's cookies, to which the man doesn't mind.

"I get Shen for tonight, hehe," Kelvin says smugly.

"No way, I should watch him! Not like you know Japanese anyway!"

"Do you know how to braid?"

"... no."

Adan seriously can't stand their banter so he just finished cleaning the sink and tells the boys, "Just do your duties and don't mess around. Kelvin, you're on caretaker duty and Mahiro, you're in investigations. I'll guard the surroundings for the night."

"Ugh, how boring. I wanna make out with cute baby Shen-chan," Mahiro whines.

"Okay, predator..." Kelvin gets out of the kitchen, but not before Mahiro kicks him in the butt for that insult.

that night,

A knock came on Shen's door while he is just staring at the wall, bored. He is not allowed to lock his door for safety reasons so Kelvin can just come in, but at least he knocked. "Hello, Shen. How's your stay?"

The boy scowls at him, still bitter about the imprisonment even though he perfectly understands the reason. "Boring. Why don't I get TV? Why you here and not find my family?"

"Don't worry, Mahiro is onto that..." Kelvin smiles at him warmly, "Hmm... you're bored? Why don't you come into my room, I have something for you to do."

Shen's eyes widen in horror, thinking of the most perverted stuff. "No! No way, I am virgin!"

Kelvin stares at him for a moment before bursting out in laughter, even holding his stomach. "Ahahahahaha! Ohhh dear, I can't blame you... we've been too perverted, huh... don't worry, I won't do anything to that cute àss of yours..."

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