Betrayed By My Mate

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The moon was right above the sky, just hovering there. It was taunting me. I grew scared as there was only five more minutes until the full moon-until my first shift. I know what you're all thinking. I'm a female shifter-yes, you heard me right!-and I'm supposed to have my mate with me during my first shift but it doesn't work the way you all think or read in books.

In real life, males do go through the first shift alone and females do shift with their mate but here's the twist of reality. We do find our mates before our first shift but our first shift is the first full moon after our birthday, but if a female shifter doesn't find her mate before that day, the mate will go to her. His wolf will take over and run towards us in time before our first shift. Me? Where's my mate? The whole auto-pilot thing the mate does when we get ready for our first shift was the whole reason I never panicked about trying to find my mate. I do try to find my mate by going through mating ceremonies which also occur during a full moon but I never find him.

Yesterday, I had just turned 16 which means the first full moon after my birthday which was coincidentally today and today, I was going to shift and meet my mate but....I'm beginning to fear that my mate might not come for me. My heart sunk when I thought of my mate not wanting me and not having my mate. Now it was only 2 minutes until the full moon and my body was going numb. I gasped as I fell onto the ground, my arms around my stomach. My fists clenched and I saw my knuckles turning white through the watery vision.

I experienced body cramps and pain surging inside me. Something hot tried to get out of my body and I concluded that it was my wolf. I knew what they all said about female shifters who shifts alone; they die and I feared that I was going to die before my mate comes here if he even does come... The thoughts distracted me from my pain for a while but not long enough. He had to come to me before the moon fully appears but there was only 30 seconds left.

Pain soon enveloped me and sadness soon turned to fury. ' All the moments I spent at mating ceremonies trying to find my so-called mate and feeling embarrassed at being one of the few that didn't get to find their mate every time and he didn't even come. And he ruined my first shift and ruined my birthday wish... FUCK MATES!!!'  I snarled to myself. All the fury distracted me and the pain doubled-it was the sum of the pain in my heart because of my first shift and mostly, the pain of his betrayal.

I tried to bear the sound of my bones cracking and rearranging itself, the pain of my heart and the fear of my death.

The pain stopped after what seemed to be eons ago. 'Open your eyes...' I thought to myself and when I did, I found myself covered in fur. I had a snout and my hands and feet were paws. My icy blonde hair had turned to an icy gold colored fur and I knew my eyes would be the same ice blue and I had to see it for myself. The pain exhausted me and I couldn't stand but that didn't stop me. My legs...I mean hind legs quivered as I tried to stand up and I fell back down every time I took a step but when I finally got to the lake, I looked at my eyes. They were a deep dark blue and my eyes weren't the light and vibrant blues I loved so much but they turned dark and full of sorrow and loneliness. My wolf and I howled at the moon.

I went into frenzy and started clawing the trees, snarling and growling at the animals that tried to go near me and then, I heard the sound of someone running towards me. My heart skipped a beat and my wolf and I were no longer angry but hopeful that it was my mate. He was probably detained and I couldn't care less, I just wanted to run towards him and when I did... my heart broke into little pieces when I saw my best friend, Amy, who was in her wolf form-she was a hazel colored wolf with green eyes. I could feel the happiness coming off her. She yipped and started to look around for my mate but when she sniffed the air, she only smelled me.

'Kylie? I-Is that you? B-B-But where's your mate? You couldn't have shifted... you would be dead if he wasn't here... Kylie?' she sent me. We could share our thoughts now that we were both in our wolf forms. 'Kylie? Why are your eyes so dark?'

 My wolf made me snarl and growl at Amy but when I snapped out of it, I howled in pain and ran away from her only to be stopped by my twin brother who had already shifted. He was a beautiful gold color and he had the icy blue eyes we shared and I also howled in pain again. 'Kylie, what happened?' he sent to me. 'Did your mate hurt you? Why are your eyes different from mine? Nevermind that, where is that son of a bitch? I'm gonna murder him!' Kyle growled.

I shook my head and even though I was in wolf form, tears formed in my eyes and I ran again. I needed to be away from them all. I was mateless and I was meant to die but instead I shifted. All I knew was at that moment I had been ...

Betrayed by my mate.

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