Chapter 1 Dreams

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Human Freddy's Pov Chapter 1 Dreams

I was surrounded.Surrounded by all my family,friends,and a stranger which didn't look like the others.It was too dark to see them but I could see the glowing eyes so I knew who they were,Clyde,Red,Goldy,T-Chi,Chica,Foxey,Vixey,BB,Marionette.Wait where is Bonnie? I looked around,but I didn't see him.I looked at the other room that was in front of me I couldn't believe what I saw. Bonnie was strapped to a bloody chair ,his mouth was taped shut,he looked terrified,his hair had blood in it. ''Now kill him, you have no choice now'' the others said in unison.I could sense the fear just looking at him.I gulped at the thought of killing him.I would never kill him, I mean never ever try to hurt him. My older brother Goldy gave me the sword with a smirk on his face. He knows I have a huge crush on Bonnie I bet he is thinking''Lets see if this dosn't kill him doing this I want to see this.''.The others formed a parrel line towards the room with Bonnie in it.His eyes went wider in fear each step I took. ''Okay this is going to kill me ,but I have to do it Bonnie.I am sorry.''I said as I walked closer.I knew how he felt betrayed by his best friend it is hurting him really badly right now. As I got to the chair a few tears streamed down my cheek.I sighed when I got to him,he looked at me with terrified eyes.I closed my eyes and swung the sword.

I sprung up out of my bed hyperventilating, I was soaked head to toe in sweat, my heart pounded so fast it hurt.Goldy sat at the edge of my bed and said ''The dream again?''.I slowly struggled to get off of my bed as I did I said''Yes but it was much worse.''.It killed me to think of the terrible nightmare.Goldy stood up and sighed then said ''If you keep refusing to tell Bonnie it is just going to get worse I'm telling ya take it from your big brother.''I hate when he says stuff like that.Especially when he mentions I am the younger brother.''You know what will happen if I tell him.Besides he is my best friend ,and best friends don't say things like that to their friends.''I whined .My brother raised an eyebrow ,smirked then teased ''Should I do it for you?I mean you're not embarassed are you?That would be silly.'' I blushed when he said that. It was kinda embarassing for me to face the reality that my brother knows about it. I hated when he teased me about it ,but hey what are brothers for right.Although I didn't like to admit it but he was right not telling Bonnie will only make it worse.''No I am not embarassed I am just.....nervous thats all.'' I lied. ''Nervous about what?''A voice behind me asked. I turned around to find Bonnie right in front of me.

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